Friday, January 8, 2010

It Came.

It started slowly, like salt being sprinkled from a shaker. Nothing to get too excited about, but then, it is snow and one cannot but help that childlike thrill of seeing the very first flake fall from the sky. Even after fifty-one winters, I still catch my breath at the miracle of a snowfall.

This morning our yard appears as if it has been dusted in confectionery sugar in just the right amount- not too little and not too much.

It is still and quiet, and freezing cold. The hens will not step out of the hen house and I will be making the trek to move their food and water back inside for them.
I am grateful that I am not a chicken.

The sky is the palest of blue, as though it is exhausted from the work it did last night and the sun is casting a clear, white light everywhere around us. It is a beautiful day.

And here I sit on my sofa, a warm blanket wrapped about me,
bowl of oatmeal in hand, looking out at a changed world.

If only it were that easy.


monix said...

Enjoy it, Karin.

Tilda said...

..somehow, when you live in northern Michigan and you have had snow for weeks and haven't seen bare ground for some time,your road is a ice rink to drive on, your hands are numb, your boots are always wet, and you know you have at least THREE MORE MONTHS of this IF you are lucky and not doesn't hold the same appeal. But still I loved your thoughts/take on your snow.
in fondest. tilda

Thimbleanna said...

It looks like you've thoroughly enjoyed your new snow! I hope it stays around for a few days.

Al said...

We could do with a bit of cool around here at the moment.
It's 43C (103 F) here today. The chooks don't like that temperature either!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are just lovely, as is your prose. I think you are living up to your New Year's resolutions! + I am absolutely with you on the first snowfall. You just stop in your tracks in wonder. Stay warm! --- Kathy in California