Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Caity Doll

I've been making display items for A Scarlet Thread to highlight new fabrics that have come in. One of the latest is the Attitude Girls line from Mary Engelbreit. I love anything ME and when I saw this fabric, and the coordinating panel, I knew immediately what I would do- make a paper doll.
My friend, Stacy, has a three year-old daughter, Caitlyn, who is the quintessential Attitude Girl. Her facial expressions just crack me up. So, I made her into a little doll for the shop. I mean, really, how could I not? Just look at this face!

I made her top with two of the ME fabrics and made her pants in a blue that matches the tiny flowers in the shirt. The day Caitlyn came to my house she was wearing her glittery Dorothy shoes. Her doll has them as well. Why is it that you cannot capture glitter on film. It's such a shame.
Anyway, the Caity Doll will be going to the shop today to stand proudly next to the bolts of fabric that inspired her. I hope she likes her new home. If not, I'm pretty sure I'll hear about it!


Marie said...

How utterly adorable! I love it. I, too, am a real lover of ME.

Angel Jem said...

Love the face! I'm guessing if she doesn't like it, the lip will be out?
My princess can pull a face like that (even now at 7 nearly 8) and it wasn't until we were looking at some pictures of her as a baby we realised exactly how young she had been when she got 'the face'!
And I love the material. Good old ME, love the style.