Saturday, December 19, 2009


Earlier this week I received a little brown box from my friend Robin. She shares the loveliest photos on her blog and, on one particular day, she posted one that made me catch my breath.
I e-mailed Robin with a little request- would she send me one of the things that she had photographed. With a reply of Yes! Yes! Yes!, she gathered the bits of stuff and packaged them up and sent them to me. Can you guess what they are?

Look how sweetly she wrapped them. You would think it was the most treasured thing on earth.

For me it was, because this tiny bag made from the tattered remnant of an old quilt held memories of my childhood - milkweed pods, fairies and wishes.

The memory is clear. Hundreds of opportunities dancing on breezes waiting to be caught. My small self chasing them through the field asking them to slow just a little so I could catch one. One was all that was needed to wish upon.

Inside these seeds are the beginnings of wistful childhood dreams.
I will plant some and hope that they grow. If not, I now have a jarful that can be released on a whim.

My children are now adults and have missed the magic and charm of milkweed fairies. I've never seen them here in Georgia. But, one day, they will have children of their own and this grandmother will be ready to give her grandchildren a memory of chasing shimmering strands of floss across a golden field hoping to cradle one in their hand and whisper a wish.

All because a friend heeded the request of a woman sitting at her computer reminiscing about her childhood.
Thank you, Robin, for your kindness and recognizing the need for me to be that small one chasing fairies through a field. Perhaps that is the thing that has been missing all along.
Tell me, if a fairy landed in your hand, what would you wish for?


Happy Hermit ( said...

Ah yes m they are lovley , I played with these earlier this year my children loved them , beautiful useful butterfly weed. The young sprouts that grow from these seeds can be harvested and eaten like asparagus as well (wildcrafted food is fun) , the history behind this little floating fancy is quite long as well.

they are beautiful and my children gigeled as i played with them for hours this fall.

thank you for sharing.

Diva Kreszl said...

what a sweet and beautiful gesture! Christmas lives!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Karin, how magical these are!!!! I can see why you loved them as a child ~ what a precious memory and I love that you want to give that memory to your future grandchildren....I hope you are doing wonderful, everyone's staying healthy and that you're ready for Christmas! Hugs and love to you sweet friend, Dawn

Kris said...

Karen, that is so neat. My granddaughter loves to chase those. I think of Horton Hears a Who every time I see one. I try to catch them, too. What great memories.


Thimbleanna said...

What a fun post! I hope your milkweed grows -- how fun it would be to share that with your grandchildren!

sarayutouched said...

Karin~i look forward to seeing these beauties grow!!! your memories are priceless...thank you for sharing well as your glimpses of the future.

merry Christmas to you and the family!!!


Cathy said...

Hello, Karin ~
Thanks for sharing these sweet pictures! I love milkweed pods too and we don't have them here. I am a nature girl, love to collect & decorate with the amazing gifts Mother Nature gives. Treasure your milkweed pods!!

A very Blessed Christmas to you and your family and a Happy, Healthy New Year!!
Cathy :)

smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...

no milk weed pods in georgia...for shame. i hope you get plenty...and here is a hint for your crafting....the pods make great little beds for baby fairies...then they can be hung like ornaments on your Christmas tree. I am so glad you have some now!

C said...

This is what the season and our whole lives should be like..beautiful memories, the kindness of friends, the wish for the have is all in this sweet and tender post. my friend. Thank YOU!

Anonymous said...