Sunday, August 23, 2009


I went in to check on JA in the tub (when you have a child with seizures, all modesty flies out the door!) and I found him sitting back drinking a root beer. Yes, in the tub! The funny thing is that this brought back a memory of when I was a little girl.
The memory was of my brother and me in the tub one summer night, me about four years-old and my brother around three. My mother had brought us in each a brown cow- Coke with vanilla ice cream in it- in a glass. I'm not sure why we were given such a treat while taking a bath. It may have had something to do with the fact that it could have been messy. Whatever the reason, we each sat in a tub full of bubbles eating our ice cream with long spoons and then drinking the Coke as fast as we could afterwards and laughing hysterically at each other.
This memory spurred on another, one that also took place in the summer. We had moved from Braintree to Marshfield, MA to a small farm. Wanting to surround us with farm life, my father thought that making our own root beer would be a good summer project. He bought all of the supplies, set a day to make it and gathered my brothers and I to help. Once the root beer was mixed together, Dad bottled it and placed the bottles in the cellar to become something we greatly anticipated. We never did get to taste that batch of root beer because one night, while we were watching television, we heard a bang! and then another and another. Each of the bottles had popped their corks, spraying root beer everywhere and leaving us very, very sad children indeed. Feeling sorry for us, Dad took us to Johnson's A&W for a root beer float and quarts of fried clams the next weekend. If you ask me, that was more than a fair trade!
Looking back at these two memories, I came to the conclusion that JA comes by his bathtub root beer drinking honestly. I sure wish I could blame it on his dad. ;)


Anonymous said...

DH and I were just talking about our memories of making rootbeer with our grandparents and we too had exploding bottle stories! What fun to drink that frosty bottle when we were kids and know we had some part of making that delicious concoction. We decided we should do it again and pass the tradition along so we may have exploding bottle stories of our own! I'll let you know! Bramble

Utah Grammie said...

Oh what a sweet (no pun intended..but a pretty good one!) memory! And what a I want a Brown-Cow in a bubble bath! (well, that didn't come out right..)
OK, I need a Root Beer float in a bubble bath:-)

science + skeleton said...

haha, that sounds just like my brother. spena

Linda Stubbs said...

Oh my, what a precious memory. You write so well. I felt like I was right there enjoying the root beer. I love that about life, how one thing in our daily life can trigger a memory from past. Thank you for sharing yours with us. I am sure lots of ladies have thoughts coming back to them when they were a child.
I became a follower. I think I will be coming back often! :< ) This is a raggedy ann smile

I came over from MJF. Can't wait till I can show everyone on Friday, what my little snowman head will be! Everyone has been delightful and filled my heart with smiles!!!!!!!

Nan said...

What a wonderful story! We heard popping once but it was our first and only attempt at making dill pickles. :<)