Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh, Good Night.

Last night the hubs went out to put a bag of trash in the bin. As usual he was barefoot, in the dark. Out the door he went, down the driveway and back again just like every other night. Only last night on the way back he caught sight of something moving. Quickly, the hubs moved through the garden, grabbed the mattock that he had used to whack out an invasive wisteria, and began chopping at this:

A copperhead.

If it wasn't for a good zoom lens you would not be seeing this picture. I stood inside the family room and shook the entire time I was photographing this nasty creature.

This is the same kind of snake that bit my parent's Boston Terrier two years ago and made him swell up like a balloon and take on the appearance of Winston Churchill in the process. It is what caused him to spend a night at the emergency vet, IV solution running through his system trying to dilute the venom.

Even though I'm pretty sure that this copperhead was after the chipmunk family that lives under our deck, just the thought that it was so close by gives me the willies. We have been inundated with snakes this year- king snakes, large and small; brown snakes that eat earth worms; worm snakes that do the same. And now, this. It's just too much.

I hate snakes.


JellyQ said...

You had to know it would come to this. Quick thinking on Jim's part.

Thimbleanna said...

Ewwwww! You need to MOVE! ;-) And in the future, I'm thinking you definitely need to start your post with "Snake Alert!". So glad nobody was bitten by his ugliness!

Betty said...

That is just too icky!! Glad your hubs was quick to respond!

electricdunce said...

Yikes! I would be wearing armored clogs if i were in your yard....