Thursday, July 2, 2009

While I Was Away......

Do you remember when I switched around my living room and dining room and declared it done? Well, it wasn't. It needed a bit of tweaking here and there so while I had some free time on my hands, I made a few changes.
Driven by boredom, ideas began popping into my head on how to best make the long wall more interesting. I really did not like the way it looked. Too, I don't know, predictable I guess you could say. That said, I also had to take into account that I am on a very limited budget so I had to use things that I already had. Okay, all set. Off to the craft room to see what I could use.
In my stash I have a stack of rather well-loved, worn books. I have used them for all sorts of projects, including wallpapering the bottom half of my hallway. I just love that look so I used it again. There is nothing that matches the color of old book pages. No tea-staining or paint can come close to the natural aging of paper.
I started placing the pages at the ceiling line, butting them together. Next row, a little overlap of the top and progress had begun. I then realized that if I wanted to cover the entire wall in this manner I would need a lot of books! Random placement was what was needed. Here is the result:

I still could have covered the whole wall with pages, filling in every empty space but as I stepped back and really looked at what I had done, I realized that the pages appeared as though they were cascading down the wall. Beautiful! It made me think of something you might see at Hogwart's. Can't you picture young wizards scanning pages as they fall down the walls of the library?

I moved this cabinet from my bedroom to house my favorite platters, plates and nicknack's. I bought it from a man who lives nearby in Conyers for $75 a few years ago. It had been in his family for generations and was made sometime near the end of the Civil War. I don't know what the wood is, but it is made with wide planks that were cut from trees that grew on their land. He had it stored in his very damp basement, filled with old tools and rusty nails. I think it is happier with its new life.

This quilt was made by a brother and sister, two of my ancestors aged 8 and 5, somewhere in the 1830's or 1840's. I took it from my parent's garage on my birthday last month and hung it on my wall. Happy birthday to me! I wonder if it was a project assigned by their mother to keep them busy during a summer vacation or to while away long winter evenings. Whichever it was, it has that lovely, naive charm about it that I love. The bachelor's chest was made in Griffin, GA and holds my linens and other bits and bobs.
I love the way the wall now has movement and energy. There are small treats to discover within the pages- advertisements for new books, an inscription from a teacher to her student (dated 1883) and notes taken during French class, all designed to keep you occupied while you wait for me to finish cooking dinner.
I think I can finally say that this room is done.


Utah Grammie said...

I LOVE (!) the old book wall treatment! So unique and beautiful :-)

The furniture pieces are great - if only they could talk, huh? And the quilt? Can you imagine a child of today making something like that? Really great! Good to see you back - we're missed you :-)

Betty said...

You have the most amazing imagination! What a great idea for your wall. Love the old 'pieces' you've included in the room. I think 'finished' is the perfect word for your delightful space!

The Feathered Nest said...

How wonderful is THIS!!!!! I just love that the book pages just fade into a few ~ it's wonderful!! I love the way you switched the rooms ~ too cool, miss you...xxoo, Dawn