Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh, How Sweet.

Hello!! I am back online, in my own house, on my own computer at last. What a relief! No more waiting for Dad's MagicJack to load, which took an eternity, or having him hovering over my shoulder trying to see what I am writing. Not that he can't read it when I'm done. I guess he likes to be in-the-know!
It will now take me approximately three weeks to read through all of your blog posts. And I will read each one of them because I want to be able to catch up on what has been happening in your lives, your sewing rooms and art studios!

A week or so ago I wedged my camera in my kitchen window in hopes of catching Mama or Papa Wren feeding their babies. What a treat to have caught this shot of Mama Wren feeding her very large, very hungry chick! Isn't that cute?

The babes have fledged and the house now sits empty. I hope it doesn't stay that way too long. I love watching the activity while I am washing dishes.

One thing I noticed about this little family of birds is how neat they are. I guess I have always assumed that wild birds are like chickens, leaving waste where it drops. But, no! What a surprise when I saw this:

Someone in the house lifted up a bit of poop and a short time later Daddy Wren came along, picked up the poop in his beak and flew away with it, making a deposit close to my compost pile. Birds are very, very tidy little things. But, I am very glad I am not one. ;)


CathyJean said...

YAY!!! Karin's back :)
We have missed you!!
Great pics of your lil' wren family:)

monix said...

Welcome home!

Thimbleanna said...

What gorgeous pictures! I never knew that birds were so clean -- you learn something new every day!

Betty said...

I've really missed you and your very fun posts! Like this one!

I look forward to playing catch up with your new posts when we return from our trip (leaving Monday, back the first part of August).

Take care.

The Feathered Nest said...

I'm SO glad your back Karin!!! I missed you sweetie!! And that is the skinniest wren I've ever must be working really HARD to feed those babes ~ xxoo, Dawn