Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Push. Sweat. Lift. Sweat. Slide. Sweat.

That's been my day as I have been rearranging furniture in my living room and dining room. In fact, I have completely switched them over. The living room is now the dining room and vice-versa. I really like the change.
But, I am stuck with all the stuff that has been hiding away in those two rooms! I mean really, I vacuum, sweep, dust, mop and yet I have unearthed another dog and two whole cats worth of hair, plus a myriad of other detritus. Ew! Thankfully it is all gone now. All that is left to do is to make a few decorating changes and I'll be done. But, I think that is the hardest part!
I have a long wall in my living room, now dining room, that holds all sorts of pictures, mirrors, etc. It looks kind of silly now with the table and chairs in there. Big, that's it. Big. And too much stuff. I am so over stuff. I see a yard sale in my future.
I think the best solution is to take it all down, edit the stuff and try out different arrangements. Sparse, airy arrangements. And shelves. I need shelves! Maybe I'll take a cruise through the rest of the house and see what I can find. Nothing like shopping in your own attic and finding necessary treasures.
I'm hoping to finish this mini-makeover today. Wish me luck!!


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

If this were me, I would need to add a final step or two...Advil and hot bath!
Hope you have it arranged just right.

Betty said...

Oh, I think this sounds like such fun! Finding new things for the walls will be an added bonus for all your work! When do we get to see it?

monix said...

I read your post too quickly first time round and thought you had found a long lost dog and two cats hidden in the dining room! I could probably find a horse in my study if I had a really good declutter. Well done.

Anonymous said...

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