Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well, Now You Know.

For inquiring minds I present,

The History of Thomas' English Muffins- (from here.)
1874, young Samuel Bath Thomas left England for America with a recipe for a muffin baked on hot griddles. These English Muffins were very popular in England and would soon become a popular part of the American breakfast.After arriving in New York City, Mr. Thomas worked in a bakery, and by 1880 had saved enough money to open his own bakery shop at 163 Ninth Avenue in Manhattan, New York. Mr. Thomas' bakery was different from all others. In addition to common white and rye breads offered by other bakeries, Mr. Thomas offered English Muffins to his customers. His muffins were round, single serve portions of distinctively coarse-grained, yeast-raised dough baked on a griddle or hotplate. They were to be split, not sliced, and toasted prior to serving. The flavor and texture of Thomas' English Muffins were unlike any muffin on the market. He soon had a large and loyal following. Word quickly spread through the neighborhood about these delicious muffins and soon other stores were buying them and selling them to their customers. Very quickly Mr. Thomas was making deliveries beyond Manhattan into Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. And soon, the demand was so high, he had to open other bakeries, and make deliveries by horse and wagon. Samuel Bath Thomas died in 1919, and his daughters and nephew inherited the business, incorporating S.B. Thomas, Inc. in 1922. The business continued to prosper, and was sold by the family in 1970. Over the years, Thomas' English Muffins introduced flavors including Cinnamon Raisin, Honey Wheat and Oat Bran, and in 1994, introduced a sandwich sized English Muffin, called Thomas' Super Size English Muffins. In 1996 Thomas' introduced fresh Bagels, which have grown to be a national leader. In 1997, Thomas' brand packaging was updated to identify the brand and the brand has come to mean more than just English Muffins. The Thomas' brand now includes: Sandwich Size English Muffins, Bagels and Toasting and Swirl Breads. Thomas' is now a part of the George Weston Bakeries family. And the rest is, well...history.

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