Saturday, March 21, 2009

Daughters Are Just So Nice.

Or should that be daughter, as I only have the one. Ainslie surprised us on Wednesday by coming home for a few days. It is spring break and since she was not able to go to California to visit her brother, she came home. It was a lovely treat.
We didn't do very much while she was here. In fact, we mostly stayed home, played games (Oceanopoly, our new favorite), watched NCIS and gabbed.

Yesterday we did venture out to an estate sale along with Grammy and Cilla, my partners in crime. We found a few things to bring home but, to be honest, there wasn't really that much of interest. Plus everything was in a very musty basement, not my favorite kind of place.

Out of a big $2 bag of buttons, this is what I am keeping. A few mother of pearl shirt buttons, six beautiful glass buttons the color of the Caribbean ocean, a clothespin, two sparkly studs, some metal cuties and two thimbles.
My big purchase was an old celluloid photograph album. Empty, of course. It is a bit weary and worn, but the inside pages are beautiful.

Six floral lithographed pages, still vibrant in color and ready to be used in some creative manner. I can't help it, I just sit and stare at them, they are so pretty.
After the estate sale we stopped off at the feed store to get the "girls" a new bag of laying pellets and then off to lunch we went. To Red Lobster, courtesy of Grammy and her Christmas gift cards!
Do you people watch at restaurants? I do. In fact, my entire family does. The four of us certainly got an eyeful yesterday as in came a woman who I now call Goldilocks and the Three Chairs.
The hostess seated Goldi in a small booth across from us. As she twisted and turned we could tell that she just did not fit. I am sure the conversation went like this:
"This booth is too tight!" She was moved.
"This booth is to close!" She was moved again.
"Ah, this chair is just right!"
I felt a bit sorry for her. I think that restaurants design interiors for maximum seating capacity and in doing so, eliminate the comfort of their patrons. The chair she sat in was at the table beside us. I glanced over to see that she had the most incredibly long fingernails. They were at least four inches long and painted the entire length with an intricate floral design. In turn, Mom, Cilla and Ainslie caught sight of them as well. How would she eat? How would she pick up her glass? How does she dial her phone, which was kept in use the entire time she was there? And then, the most pertinent question of all- how does she deal with the ladies room? Well, wouldn't you wonder? The questions were flying off of our tongues as fast as we could think them.
Goldilocks turned out to be a bit of a diva, fussy and demanding. Her half-gallon sized margarita was too bitter. Another was made. The next was too sweet. And yet, another was made. Her salad did not have enough dressing. Another pot was brought out for her. Her meal arrived and, yes, there were more problems. Each time her waitress smiled and made sure that she was happy. The woman had the patience of a saint. I hope she received a nice tip.
We had to leave Goldilocks to her lunch and head back home, questions unanswered. A few hours later, Ainslie gathered up her things, a few bags of necessities from the pantry, gave us a hug and went back home. Her home.
I miss her already.


Utah Grammie said...

First, your daughter is beautiful! And I love her name :-)

Second, yes, I people watch all the time - and I'll bet she didn't leave a good tip - those kind never do probably because they don't think they're being demanding - they think the wait staff should have KNOWN what she wanted..

Third, I saw you beautiful handwriting on the names on the other blog - you have gorgeous penmanship!

Have a fun Sunday and I know you miss your sweetie-girl. She'll be back soon and just think what a fine young woman she is :-)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

For starters, you really scored at that estate sale. Those celluloid pages are absolutely divine. All the marvelous things you can do with those!! Good work!

And, your daughter has the most gorgeous hair!!! A Breck girl!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I loved the Goldilocks story. I'm sure her tip was very small or tight! People like her always are like that. Sad.

I am so blessed to have daughters. They are wonderful. Yours is beautiful.