Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Darn That Coraline Dot Com!

I really have a lot to do today, but they may not get done.
I'm too busy tacking button eyes onto photos.



Utah Grammie said...

That is TOO TOO weird! Button eyes- We saw the trailer for this when we saw "Hotel for Dogs" - but I've never really liked Tim Burton stuff - maybe I'll have to put button eyes on all my family now..heehee

Betty said...

They are so funny! Thanks for sharing.

Amy Ellen said...

Too funny. I really like the cat picture, LOL

lindaharre said...

How Funny! That's a new on to me:D We are heading to Savannah (sp?)this Spring! We have heard great things. Are you close?

Unknown said...

I cant find any of that cool stuff there