Friday, February 13, 2009

Change Is A Good Thing.

It is Spring cleaning time. Have you caught the bug yet? I sure have. Storming from room to room, clearing things away, decluttering the hibernating piles of accumulated junk- yes, it is such a good feeling.
Of course, while clearing things out is the time when you unearth forgotten treasures, like this sweet little glass dish. What to do? What to do? Go to the nest drawer, take one out, go to the pile of things you just dumped out of a junk drawer and sort through for ideas. Result? This:

After playing for a while, it's back to work rearranging furniture to open up and revitalize a room. Oh, look! More space, perfect for that little table that you made from an old cutting board resting on top of a piano bench. And wouldn't that marble lamp you found in a yard sale be perfect there? Grab the paper roses you made last year from the top of the craft closet, add a ball of organic cotton yarn (because there isn't enough for another project) and you have a lovely little display. Perfect.

Who says you can't play while you clean?


Betty said...

I can't believe all the cute things you found for this display...and right there in your home! Great ideas.

Utah Grammie said...

You know, some of your photos look like thy can be in magazines - I'm not kidding - the arrangements, the lighting- perfection!

Nan said...

You are so amazing. You see beauty where others would see stuff to throw away. I love these displays. Do you have an attic or cellar where you store all these 'maybe use someday' items?

madrekarin said...

Thank you very much, Betty, Colleen and Nan. I am blushing.
I wish I had a cellar to keep all my stuff in. But really, I just have little drawers and the backs of closets where things tend to lurk for long periods of time.
I do not like clutter, so things either get used or tossed in the giveaway pile, which have been huge this year! I've been a mad woman! lol