Saturday, January 24, 2009

So, I Was Cleaning The Craft Room And....

I spied something orange out of the corner of my eye. "What is that?" sprung from lips as my brain registered the fact that it was a pumpkin. A pumpkin? In the craft room? Yes, a pumpkin in the craft room. Oh, dear.

Ah, yes, not just a pumpkin, but two of them. Would you like to know when the last time I bought a pumpkin was? Yes? October of last year. The end of October, mind you, but October nonetheless. Before you say, "Oh, dear! What a piggy-wiggy!", allow me to explain. They were put there to get them out of the way of Thanksgiving dinner, along with quite a few other things-that-were-in-the-way on the dining room table. When masses of food is being heaped on the table, it is time for the table decorations to go, and go they did. To the craft room!

With the onset of the Christmas rush to get gifts made, these poor pumpkins were simply forgotten. I am so, so sorry.

Apparently my craft room is designed to be utilized as a root cellar of sorts, as these pumpkins were perfect. No bruises, soft spots or ooze. Thank goodness. The last time I had to clean up pumpkin mess was last October at my friend Frannie's house in Kentucky. Let's just say it was not the most pleasant of experiences and leave it at that.

Into the kitchen I went, pumpkins in hand, and sliced them open to reveal absolute orange loveliness. Out came the melon-baller to scoop out the stringy bits and the seeds and in just a few minutes the pumpkins were in the oven to roast up for pumpkin puree and a few pies.
Not wanting to keep these surprise treats for myself, I gifted the chickens with the insides.

Now, everyone is happy. Me, because I will be able to eat pumpkin pie at a time of year when I do not usually get to have it, the chickens, because they have a hefty dose of beta carotene for lovely eggs and I averted the Great Pumpkin Disaster of 2009 by cleaning out the craft room today. Good things all around here at the S house!
How's your Saturday?

Oh, a little PS- My foot is feeling much better today, thank you. Nothing like ice and hours of elevation (along with a few Motrin) to get one back to rights.

And yet another PS- If you click on the red gingham on the right, you will be taken to a list of all the places that I love to visit in Bloglandia. Really, it's about time I did that, don't you think?


smoothiejuice said...

and what happy little chickies they are now! I have a pumpkin from Halloween in my kitchen with a jolly face drawn on it in sharpie and a santa hat. good for you for savin your pumpkins!

Betty said...

Mmmmm, baked pumpkin...yum, yum. I see Mavis, Blanche and Hazel with the 'pumpkin innards'...did Flora and Pearl get some, also? You know how I worry about Flora...she's just so cute...don't want her to miss out! Glad your foot is better!

madrekarin said...

Flora and Pearl did get their share! They were too busy chasing something creepy through the straw to have their photos taken. :)

Utah Grammie said...

Oh what a great dinner for the chickies! And pie to boot? Maybe you can store all your veggies for a winter's surprise! Happy pie to you :-)

amy said...

too funny!

Tilda said...

aha! the remains of the pumpkin on the hearth at Frannie's. Yes, we who were there in the room with you remember that well.
Note: Robin just got my comments to pages place up and running again, so I have been merely lurking and not able to write you. I do so enjoy lurking however and reading what you are up to. BTW, my squash in its beautiful sage green hue sits on the old wood floor in the living room from last fall and it is still perfect. The lumina one I had on the front porch however froze solid like one of your chicken poops.