Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Here! It's Here!

My 100th post!!

I felt a bit like this today. Every idea I had seemed to slip right out the back of my head. In one end, out the, um, well, not the other. It took a detour, a bit like Merideth and Tiny Dan here.
Does this not just make you smile? Now that is determination.
I finally did some house cleaning which seemed to sweep a few of the mental cobwebs away. Then an hour doing aerobics (with a little boxing thrown in for good measure) on the Wii. Nothing like exercise to really get the ideas flowing.
I learned something new this weekend. A quilting tip, of which I need all that I can get. This tip came from The Quilt Show. Some very clever person in the UK came up with a way to make a one-seam flying geese block. Oh, it is so, so easy and a treat to make.
Here's a little peek:

Cute, huh? I cannot show all of this to you because it is going to be mailed to someone special in England. But, I can tell you it is a table topper. Not really a runner, but just something sweet to place on the table and set a potted plant upon. Or a cat. Only if you let your cat sleep on your table, do not tell me.
Oh, did I mention something about a giveaway for my 100th post? Well, here it is!! The lucky winner will receive the following:

A Japanese craft book with patterns for some lovely things like place mats, book covers, and tote bags. A table topper in the one-seam flying geese pattern in the colors of your choice, and a few little extra tidbits, which will be a surprise for the winner.
All you have to do to enter is answer the following question:
"How do you clear the mental cobwebs away?"
I will await your answers with great anticipation.
Flora will draw the winning name on Monday, January 19. I think winning a giveaway would be a good way to start a week. Don't you?


Brainiac's Daughter said...

I read your blog.

That, and I repeat a simple mantra: I don't have to do anything right now but _____.

Fill in the blank. Sometimes keeping it simple and focusing on one task at a time will allow ideas to flow without the pressure of a long list of to-dos looming.

smoothiejuice said...

Mental cobwebs...depends on the season...

in spring or summer I can just clean out the gardens, weed, spread mulch, or make edgings with wheelbarrows full of limestone rocks that seem to be abundant in my yard. Just really work and work hard you works for me.

In the winter...take the dogs for a long long brisk walk and just walk until all of my webbies are gone.

In the fall, riping out the gardens can do wonders for me.....I guess no matter the season, working as hard as I can and really working up a sweat makes me feel oh so much better.

I am not much of one for aerobics, but working the land makes everything so much better.

Ruth said...

To clear the mental cobwebs away I like to just go somewhere to be alone and quiet. Sip a cup of tea or coffee and just think, quiet thoughts and clear my head out. When this isn't possible I usually get busy doing some kind of housework or yardwork and work it all out. Usually, I will feel much better and think more clearly. Plus, I feel good that I got things accomplished.
I love the Japanese craft books. I love the colors and patterns that you've chosen for this table topper. Someone in England is very lucky.

Beverly said...

How pretty and cheerful. You always have the most creative ideas...I love the idea of hiding a secret message in your quilts for your kids!

Betty said...

The flying geese pattern is beautiful!

As for the mental cobwebs, my husband says my mind never stops, so I guess I don't have mental cobwebs. He says I DO have cobwebs in my nose, though, because I talk so much I always breathe through my mouth! Haha...he's such a kidder. Er, I THINK he's kidding. Hmm, maybe I'd be better off with mental cobwebs rather than nasal cobwebs, eh? Too much fun!!

whimseycreations said...

I go somewhere quiet and pray. And then I listen.

Melanie said...

To clean out the mental cobwebs.. I clean, but more specific run the sweeper. It drowns out the background noise. I know they are loud but there's something about the humm of the sweeper that is just in a weird kind of way relaxing.

monix said...

My favourite way to get rid of the mental cobwebs is to walk by the sea, especially if the sea is rough and the waves are crashing on the rocks. I also enjoy sitting quietly by a stream or waterfall. There always seems to be water involved.

The quilt looks gorgeous and I'm hoping!

DianaK said...

My favorite ways to clear out the mental cobwebs is to try and learn something new, do things for others less fortunate than myself, escape into a good book, or get out my knitting needles and yarn.


mascanlon said...

I walk early in the day by myself. I try not to think of anything just the feel of the fresh air, the steady pace and breathing evenly. And working in the garden, the mindless stuff like weeding and trimming the hedge.

Aunt Jenny said...

This time of year to clear the mental cobwebs I knit and watch the world go by out my front big window in the living room (quietest room in the house) I want complete silence during this cob-clearing time, so it has to be either after the kids and husband have gone to bed and I have my alone time..or just before the kids get home from school I have ONE hour. In the summer time it is gardening for sure. Alone. I guess I need quiet to clear the cobwebs. And my world is not a quiet one so I look for a quiet spot at some point each day.
LOVE the part of the table topper we could see...and your cat is beautiful!!!
have a great week!!

Em said...

To do some mental spring cleaning, I usually rely on my senses. Overpowering the "dust" with something I love always helps. I tend to be easily distracted. As long as I'm aware of it, I might as well use it to my advantage!

I light my favorite candles (pure beeswax "Cinnamon Clove" or Lumiere's "Lilacs in Rain" Or I'll change the lighting wherever I am by opening a window, adjusting my lamp, or moving closer to the fireplace. Comforting texture in my hands helps too. I'm currently crocheting with Blue Sky Alpaca's organic cotton and I feel a bit like Charlotte, spinning a silky web. For my taste buds, nothing does the trick like the sweetness and texture of fruity popsicles. Even in the coldest parts of winter, I love a good strawberry popsicle loaded with real fruit. And let’s not forget music: following a Christmas season of piped-in holiday classics, repeated in my workplace to the point of exhaustion, I find relief in a new release from Ingrid Michaelson. It’s called “Snowfall” and is a sweet and sentimental tune without being sappy or overplayed.

There’s nothing like utilizing the five senses to refresh my perspective. I feel better just describing these favorites! Hope you find the time to try a few of these ideas.



electricdunce said...

The flying geese are lovely. When I need to clear away the mental cobwebs, I make myself a fresh cup of coffee, There is something very soothing to me about making just one cup of coffee in a favorite cup with my little Melitta filter. The smell helps, too.

Karin P.

Tina- said...

hi, do I clear the mental cobwebs away..well..actually I keep a little broom and dustpan handy..LOL..nahh..well let's see..I do try to make a "to do" list when things need doing..and then sometimes getting a cup of tea or nice tall glass of water helps.And..yes..I've been known to just go to my bedroom shut and lock the door and take a wee nap for about 20 minutes..a little "power nap" .But most times I just get a nice warm cup of tea and sit quietly either indoors or out under the trees listening to the birds..and if things in my head get too complicated I remind myself that it is not worth worrying over much about things because as my granny used to say "worry never got a rocking chair anywhere"

Autumn said...

LOVELY-as usual!
Mental cobwebs? I work them right out-it's the only thing that works for me! If it's summer I work like a man and sweat like crazy-in winter-walk at home tapes with Leslie Sansone or a good long walk or fast game on the Wii! Gotta have activity!

lavendar fields dreamer said...

to clear away the mental cobwebs... if its something i am trying to remember, i usually move on to something else and it comes to me faster then if i focus on it. other times things just pop in that i forgot about and seem to clear those cobwebs up all by itself usually in a time of quiet reflection.

and this only took me 15min to get posted cause i forgot how to sign in correctly

science + skeleton said...

wow, you have a lot of comments. maybe if i gave things away people would read my blog too. :) haha. as if i actually care about such things.

Anonymous said...

How I clear my mental cobwebs is by getting up very early and strapping my snowshoes on and going for a hike in the freshly fallen snow. Every thing is so fresh and new. I am able to meditate and pray as I am walking. If I take a nice long hike I finish feeling renewed and energized. The rest of my day goes by peaceful and comforting knowing I spent my first moments with God.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Karin, this is so cute..I haven't looked at the tut yet but it looks like the double faced triangle is sewn into the seam??...ok, gotta go check the tut to see if I'm anywhere close to correct. LOL These Japanese craft books are many wonderful books.

Have a grand day,
Queen of Dreamsz

Belle said...

This is a neat giveaway! I hop I win.

To clear the mental cobwebs, I sleep.

Thanks for a great giveaway!

My email is homesteaderbelle (@) yahoo (.) com

Queen of Dreamsz said...

oh gosh, I forgot about the mental cobwebs...LOL I think my brain is one massage web that can't get cleared these days...maybe when springtime arrives.

Queen of Dreamsz

Anonymous said...

Lately, my cobweb clearing has been a collaborative effort of eating better, exercising, and sleeping better. I feel renewed and energized.

My hubby and I have been doing our Wii Fit everyday for over a week now. It's amazing how good I feel.

May whom ever wins enjoy such a special book. :)

Congrats on your postings Karin! ¥

Princess Of Pink said...

clearing the mental cobwebs.

In summer I take my bike and bike to the next town, look around the shops and ride back. Sometimes I buy a little small thingy but that is not the reason to do the biking. It clears my mind, because on the bike I talk to God. I pray to Him, sometimes shout at Him (I live in a small village so almost no passers by to give me strange looks lol).

In the winter I might just take a walk around my village. It is so quiet and serene then. So great to walk around the little woody area we have. It is close to the cemetery and I sometimes just look over the gate and start at the old grave stones and remember my momma and my big brother whom both passed away 2 years ago.

Utah Grammie said...

How to clear mental cob-webs?? With a mental Swiffer, of course..

Smells usually get me going- I have a candle that I never light - just have it here by my computer and whiff it when I need a mental vacation - it's lovely. It has a pink ribbon on it and I love love love it!

Have a great day and congratulations on the 100th post!!

liggy girl said...

Congrats on your 100th post!!! What a neat thing and recently I got into quilting so diff stitches or ways are highly interesting! Keep up the good work looks great! :) Have fun with it too xo

Fete et Fleur said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! It does come fast doesn't it. I'm already at 200! I love your banner!!


wibe said...

I enjoy reading your blog,
what do I do to clear the cobwebs, I ususally journal. When I am trying to clear everything out I find writing a good exercise to clear events and life in general up for me. It also works out for having quite a few ahhhh moments as well.
That and good ole fashioned working up a sweat, whether scrubbing the tub, gardening, or a fast walk. Grin.

Tapestry said...

I like to wash my face, brush my teeth and comb my hair. Then I settle in with my first cup of coffee before I think about doing a thing. It is a comforting gesture that brings me fully awake and into the present. If I'm lucky and it's warm outside I like to enjoy that first cup on my back step watching the birds at our feeders. Too cold right now but my Spring and Summers are very special. Finally a nice shower brings me wide awake and I start my day.

pammy said...

To clear out the cobwebs I find a quiet place in the house and read for a few minutes to settle the ol' brain down, after a while I can write down what I need to get sorted and then it just comes to me.Sometimes I paint, just to clear my's very relaxing.

Katie said...

So interesting to read all the comments here -- good ideas for clearing away those mental cobwebs.

My best mental featherduster is to take a brisk walk outdoors. That won't be possible today, since it is waay too cold, so I'm going to run up and down some stairs a few times. A quick visit to the library always helps me, too, to be more centered and creative.

Do enter my name!

downbranchroad said...
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DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway. I definitely want to be entered. For me clearing the cobwebs means taking a simple to do list and crossing things off one by one, as I finish them, of course. It makes things seem accomplishable.


Shari said...

I'll have to look into that flying geese block, looks so interesting. To clear mental cobwebs I have a cup of tea, and not with a teabag dumped in a cup. I brew it in a pot properly with a tea cosy and everything. This takes time, and then time to drink it. And I drink it in my sewing room surrounded by my things (and not everyone elses) and am grateful for all I have been blessed with, even if the breathing ones drive me crazy occasionally.

Tatty Mum said...

How lucky i've just find your blog which I must say is wonderful and to top it of i'm just in time to enter your give away.
to clear the mental cobwebs I do one of 3 three things clean the house, go to the beach for a long walk, i'm lucky i live close enough to do this or I go to my local fabric store and spend a huge amount of money.
Joanne xx

NotQuiteJuneCleaver said...

Hello old friend! To clear the mental cobwebs I go outdoors. I either just walk around our place or sit on my porch with a cup of tea and just clear my mind of everything. Try NOT to think. Just be.

Your blog is beautiful!