Friday, January 2, 2009

The Boy Behind the Quilt.

Nathan has gone back to California. He flew away this morning, leaving an empty room, a bit of a mess to clean up and a small hole in my heart.
I don't know why my children balk at having their pictures taken, but it is like engaging an act of Congress to get them to say "Cheese!" Hence the "Kilroy was here!" pose.

Anyway, this is Nathan's Christmas quilt. The pattern is Jacks be Quick and it really was a snap to put together.
It's a rather mellow quilt, perfect for a young man in the Army. Hidden in the quilt somewhere are the words "Hugs are in here.", because the Army rather frowns on hugs. Too bad. Maybe if more people hugged we wouldn't have so many problems in this world. Just my humble opinion.

Here is the back. I had quite a few scraps left over and I could not bear the thought of disposing of them. Or keeping them in a box until I came up with another project. So, I pieced them together and decorated the back of the quilt with the resulting block. Like a little surprise for those who have to view the back of it hanging on the line. Oh, wait. He doesn't hang out his laundry.
The quilt is on its way to California with Nathan and whenever he needs a hug, all he will have to do is wrap himself up in it. So there, US Army!
Moms really do need to be in charge of this world. Don't you agree?


Betty said...

Absolutely, I agree! What a beautiful quilt and such a lovely thought to hide your hugs in it!

The Feathered Nest said...

What a beautiful quilt sweet friend...and you're so right...moms do need to run the world girl!!!! I know you will miss this sweet boy ~ and thank you for sharing about your other sweet boy John ~ what a beautiful are such a wonderful mom and person as well ~ xxoo, Dawn
ps. and yes we do need to get together more!!!

Utah Grammie said...

I love quilts although I have never had the patience to make one (I REALLY have ADD)I wouldn't be able to stick with it long enough which is why I respect the work and patience that goes into each and every one. This is no exception- beautiful!

Aunt Jenny said...

Just beautiful..and I am sure he feels the love and hugs each time he uses it...perfect!!!