Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quilty Goodness.

This year is one of handmade Christmas gifts. For everyone. Which may pose a bit of a problem, as John still believes in Santa Claus. He probably always will. I may have to succumb and get one gift from the Big Guy himself for JA and let him continue on believing. It really isn't a bad thing at 22 years of age, to still think Santa is real. Not one bit.
That is a gift in itself, to have that kind of innocence. It keeps it magical here at our house. Well, not that magical. I still have decorations in their boxes and the tree went up last night. Only the tree. We will decorate it when we are all together, on Saturday night.
These are some sneak peeks at what I am making for my children. One top is finished and I have one in progress and one more to make.

Is this a bit like shaking packages that are under the tree?

Tease, tease tease.
So, here I sit, stitching away and listening to Christmas music on Pandora. You know what? I don't need decorations or lights or candy cane-filled bowls. This year, the house is filled with love. And, after all, isn't that what Christmas is about?


Betty said...

Christmas and love...I agree with you...the perfect match.

Looks like your family will have some wonderful gifts this year (as I'm sure they have every year!).

Utah Grammie said...

Oh, you've got that right my friend! I think it's WONDERFUL to have JA believe - and so sweet that you are keeping Santa in his heart- as we ALL should! What a great "slow down and remember the magic of innocence" message for us - thank you, and have a safe and fun gathering!

Katie said...

I love the idea of a handmade Christmas. And a gift from Santa for the one who still believes -- well, that's just part of the spirit of Christmas. Love those green fabrics! What are you making from those? Maybe you'll have scraps enough left for a wristlet or two!

Aunt Jenny said...

Beautiful work!! And I is a magical....wonderful thing to still believe! I have two believers, one silent scoffer and one big mouth unbeliever left at home now... I have a feeling this could be our last year of true believers...a little sad. But THEY did get a special storebought gift that they really wished and asked Santa for. I have made most all of the gifts we are giving this year too..and love that kind of Christmas best.
Have a wonderful, blessed family Christmas!!