Sunday, December 7, 2008

An Empty Room.

I thought it would not bother me that my daughter moved and left an empty room in her place. I was wrong. Just like I was when my son moved away, it is their being here that I miss.
I am fine with being a mom of adults, who are ready to move on and start their lives. I really am. But I loved being their mother, having them here with me to laugh at silly jokes, eat freshly baked cookies, turn up their nose at dinner, wipe away tears or to just give them a hug.
It is funny how families work. You are in the same house, eating at the same table, watching the same television and yet you are not always engaged. I think, for me, that their presence is sometimes just enough.
It is that way with my husband as well. I can be in one part of the house and he in another and, even though we are not communicating, I am still content because he is here.
Now, two of my children are not here, and I miss them. I will never have a completely empty nest because I have a child who cannot fledge. (Although there are some days I wish he would.)
This is the part of motherhood that is joyous and painful all at the same time- having raised your children to be strong, independent adults and realizing that, just maybe, you did too good of a job.
So, today I walk into a cold, empty room and miss the girl that brought it life and warmth. There are still a few of her things here, waiting to be taken to her new home and some that will stay for a while.
Speaking of which, would anyone like a cat? She left five of them. Oh, joy. Oh, rapture.


monix said...

Letting them go out into the world without us is scary and sad even though part of us rejoices at their independence. If your children are like mine, they'll be home for birthdays, holidays, broken hearts and celebrations so hang on to all their stuff!

Betty said...

I always laugh when I think about my husbands' sister...she has four children, all over the age of 40. My husband said she doesn't need a front door...just a turnstile; the kids keep coming back one or two at a time for a while, then they are off again. Hopefully, even though you miss them, yours won't return to 'fill your nest'. Independence is such a good thing, eh? As for the cats, enjoy!

science + skeleton said...

Yes, madre, you did too good a job. You're the best mom ever. I know I've told you that before, but whatever, it's still true. Love ya madre.