Thursday, April 19, 2012


It started by finding the blog, Mister Finch, a few months ago and then promptly forgetting about it. 

Then Monica pinned these on Pinterest a few days ago:

Prairie Mouse's moths.  LOVE THEM!

Moths made and photo by Prairie Mouse . Are they not gorgeous? Love.
So, you know I had to put my own spin on them, right? 

I like a bit of color. Also, butterflies. Pretty butterflies.
A little poke through my scrap boxes yielded a few sweet bits of fabric to make the wings. A dig through my shelves turned up red and white Divine Twine from my friend, Thimbleanna, for the antennae.

It was easy enough to sketch out the pattern for this butterfly but the fun part was sewing it together! I stuffed the body with wool fleece. I bought an entire fleece FOUR years ago and I am still stuffing everything from pincushions to toys to, well, butterfly bodies with it! It is the best stuff. (Ahahahaha- Pardon the pun.) 
Thanks for the inspiration, girls! Oh, and Mister Finch. :) 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Cozy Cosy

There's not been much happening at the old homestead lately. I think it might be Shop Hop letdown. Or maybe that there is so much pollen everywhere that my head doesn't know what to do. 
I have been cleaning up and clearing out things at home, though. Lots of cleaning and clearing. I brought a large stack of books and magazines to work to share with the Divas. Just stuff that I had that I knew I would never open again. I love sharing.
I was going through my kitchen cabinets this morning and ran across these adorable egg cups that I bought several years ago. I won't be sharing these. :)

How cute is that? Sweet Peter Rabbit and the perfect little spot for an egg and some toast sticks. But it really needed a little something extra. Something cute. Something practical, yet fun. Something like this:

An egg cosy!! 

To keep the egg warm while the toast is being made. 

So, that when the egg is opened, it's still all warm and yummy inside.

And perfect for dipping into!

Off to the sewing room I went, grabbing a few scraps of Pam Kitty Morning, some bits and bobs of other scraps and some leftover batting. A quick sketch of a pattern was made, a quick stitch up was done and voila! An egg cosy fit for a queen, complete with a tiny bluebird button from my button box. As there are three more egg cups, three more egg cosies need to be made. It'll be just a little distraction from the task at hand. :)