Monday, February 13, 2012

Wrestling the Wild Crocodile.......Stitch!

Oh, that Pinterest, it can get me in so much trouble! I know I am not alone in my weakness for the Pin It! button. 
I love crocheting. I like it better than knitting. It goes faster and I seem to be able to understand the patterns better. I came across a beautiful scarf on the aforementioned "P" site, made by Jenny at Yarn Muse, and had to try it. It's called the Crocodile Stitch and it is really fun! Much better than wrestling a real crocodile! 

This is my practice piece. I happened to have the same color yarn that she used for her scarf. How nice! She does have written directions on her blog but what really helped me was her YouTube videos!

There are three total and they are very much worth watching. I learned a lot from each one and, as you can see from my sample above, it works up quite nicely. I am including the first one here and then you can link to her other two. 

So, grab some yarn and a hook and start tackling that crocodile! It'll keep you away from Pinterest. Ahahaha! Yeah, right!

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Thimbleanna said...

That's really pretty -- and it looks so fun. Thanks for the link Ms. Miracle!!!