Saturday, December 31, 2011

Keep Your Eye On The Pie

The boy left this morning to go back to Texas. I really do not like saying good-bye to that kid. I miss him already. Last night I made him two apple pies to take back. Nothing like celebrating the New Year with a little bit of home, huh? Better than what the mess will offer, I'm sure.

One of the perks of making pies is using up the leftover pie dough. When my grandmother would come to visit the thing we looked forward to the most was the little pinwheels she would make while the pie was baking. She would roll out the dough very thin, spread it with melted butter, sprinkle on some sugar and give a dusting of cinnamon. Then she would roll it up, slice it into pieces, set the pinwheels on a baking sheet, pop them into the oven and thirty minutes later greedy little hands would grab them off the plate tossing them back and forth until they were cool enough to eat. I made some last night and ate them for breakfast this morning. They were delicious. 
I've been thinking about this New Year that will arrive tomorrow and what it will bring. The past few New Years I have chosen a word to focus on instead of making resolutions that I knew I would not keep. Last year's word was Appreciate and this year, my chosen word is Enough. 
I have been greatly blessed throughout this past year with good things- the safety of my son, my beautiful granddaughter and her sweet parents who are raising such a joyful child, watching JA grow in responsibility as he undertook his tasks at work with enjoyment and helping my dad in more ways than he will know, my good husband, dear friends who are there no matter what, family that loves me and that I miss, a place where I can be creative, understanding how much I am truly loved by my Heavenly Father and the Savior.
I got to meet two adorable people that I had only known through my computer screen. I love these women, their creative genius and their outlooks on things. They just make me happy.
There is much more, of course. Too much to list here but, suffice it to say, I did appreciate every day that 2011 brought for me. And now, for 2012, I will focus on Enough and all that it encompasses. 
Enough comes with Gratitude tagging along beside it. They are inseparable. I have so much to be grateful for and I have discovered that the most simple of things are really all that I need. 
Happy New Year, dear friends. I hope that your 2012 is all that you desire to be.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Since I MIssed Merry Christmas.....

I will begin by wishing you all a very Happy New Year! 
A few weeks ago I helped my dad organize the little back room of the garage. It's where my mom had stored all of the boxes full of Christmas decorations. I emptied the room, swept it clean and then, before I put everything back in, I peeked inside the boxes to make sure that nothing was living inside of them. You know, spiders and the like. Each box held memories of Christmases past, including the discovery of some things I had made for my mom way back in the day. 

Little paper people made with scissors and a hole punch. There was no such thing as a Cricut back in 1987 when I made these! Some of them had been eaten by silverfish but these four survived. I had actually forgotten about them.

A Santa doll stuffed into a jeans pocket and decorated with bits and bobs that were kept in my craft box. Back then that's all I had- a box. Now I have a whole room and I still gravitate back to the same simple things that I have always used- scissors, a hole punch, paint, ink, cotton balls, Qtips and two paint brushes. I'm pretty simple.

I made these mittens the same year I made the Santa- 1992. They are wool and decorated with fabric paint. I made a ton of these and sold them in a neighborhood craft show for $3 a pair. I loved doing things like that.

Along with my trip down memory lane I spent time working on a Christmas present for the oldest boy. He writes poetry and for his gift I put them all in a book and painted around each one.

There are 46 poems altogether.

Each one beautiful in its own way.

I learned a lot about him while reading his poems and deciding what to paint. The painting part was a challenge for me. But, after the first two or three poems, I found myself stretching myself creatively. I think it's because I was so inspired by his poems.

He's pretty talented, that kid. Pretty talented. :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Feels a Bit Like Death.

Well, my friend loved the Quilting Elf! I am so glad. Now I want to make another one! But that will have to wait until I get over this stinking cold! Grrrr. It all started last Tuesday with an achy body. Two days later my head filled up and gained 50 pounds. Then came the searing sore throat. Really? Thanks so much. I have been gargling with apple cider vinegar, drinking copious amounts of water, stuffing myself full of Advil cold and sinus pills, drinking fizzy concoction of minerals, vitamins and probiotics and blowing my way through boxes of Puffs with Vick's which, in my honest opinion, are the greatest invention ever! I think it's on the waning end of things. Today I am actually getting the house cleaned, a little bit at a time.
I did get to run out to Target on Saturday, where I found the most beautiful tinsel. It's a very warm silver, soft and vintage looking and, it was on sale!

Isn't it beautiful? I have big plans for this. 
Once I get over this stupid cold.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Quilting Elf

This is the year of the handmade Christmas. I haven't made totally handmade gifts in many, many years. It's just easier to shop, truthfully. But, I am determined to craft each gift specifically for the recipient and this one is my first:

It's for a friend at work. Our party is tonight and this cutie is all wrapped up and ready to go. She has everything she needs to start making quilts- or to inspire my friend to do so.

Here she is in the spotlight! I haven't given her a name. I figure that my friend will. But, we've bonded this little elf and I. I'm glad she's going to a good quilting home. :)