Monday, November 21, 2011

National Tie One On Day!

I wear an apron every single day. If I'm at home, I have one on while I hang the laundry, cook our meals or wash the dishes. If I'm at work, I wear my gray apron with the big pockets so I can stuff them full of tiny things that might get lost. You don't want to lose tiny things in a quilt shop. Trust me. So, when I received a message from my friend, EllynAnne, letting me know about this year's Tie One On event, I had to jump on over and see what she had in store for this year. Well, it's so awesome!

 What do you do on NTOOD? Well, you grab your favorite apron, tie it behind your back and whip up some kitchen magic for someone who needs a little lift. Wrap your offering in an apron (homemade, store bought or vintage) and deliver it with a smile and a whole lot of love. That's it! Simple, huh? Head on over to EllynAnne's blog to read all about some fabulous things that are tied to this event. I think you will be very happy when you do. 
Now, go tie one on! An apron, of course!


Thimbleanna said...

How Fun! I can just picture you in your apron -- I'll bet you're adorable! I'm hoping that there will be a picture of you in your apron at the shop soon ;-D.

Halle said...

I wish I remembered to wear mine more often. :)