Monday, July 11, 2011

Stitch, Stitch, Stitch.

I've been working on a little project this week. Mostly because I am procrastinating on quilting a quilt. I'm not very good at quilting quilts so I put that task off as long as possible. I know, I know.
Anyway, back to the other project. We recently started carrying embroidery floss at the shop. I cannot resist tiny drawers filled with little skeins of possibilities. The colors are beautiful and enticing. I bought myself some as a treat.
Here's what I'm working on:

It's a copy of an antique flourish from a book. I've had this photo saved in my pictures for a couple of years now and I cannot remember where I found it. It is lovely with that sweet bird clutching swirls and swoops.
I printed the photo onto copy paper, taped it to my window- I'm so old school- and traced it with a Frixion pen (you can iron it away when you're done!) onto a plain white cotton. It was just something I grabbed from the sewing room.

I worked on the bird while watching Harry Potter last night. Well, more like listening to Harry Potter. My eyes can't do two things at once. I started the flourishes at 12:30. Not a good idea. You can tell they're a bit on the rough side. But, a nice backstitch outline will clean them up perfectly.

I think this is going to take me a while. Gee, that quilt will just have to wait!


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Boyohboy! You had me at "Stitch Stitch Stitch"...this is beautiful! And, although I LOVE quilts, I don't. Quilt. Too labor intensive and I am such an instant gratification ADD person! But, I love to stitch. But I don;t do nearly as well as you do..keep us posted on the progress!!

camp and cottage living said...

You sound like a night owl, like me!It's always so quiet and peaceful then.
I like the "old bird" pattern.
I bought a box of 1929-1950 patterns 30 yrs ago in rural MO. I am just getting around to re-copying them for an etsy shop.
What a task-They no longer will iron on, of course. And some are flimsy and torn. Oh, but there are so many neat old patterns! It's been fun!
Stop by and visit me sometime-I'll definitely be back to see how the
birdie is coming along!

BENVANA said...

It looks lovely. You remind me so much of my mom, sewing and stitching late at night when everyone else is gone to bed! You are very talented.

T's Daily Treasures said...

I don't sew but can cross-stitch. I have tried embroidery but don't really like following stitch patterns. I just make it up as I go along, mostly long stitches. I figure if it is handmade, it doesn't have to be perfect. :) Your project is lovely! Enjoy! Best wishes, Tammy

Amy said...

That is the same way that I transfer patterns to fabric :)