Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One.....................Point Five

One thing about raising chickens- they can be pretty unpredictable. One week you're getting eggs every day and the next you get one, or none. Or, they go through a moult and you go without for a couple of months. 
Or, sometimes, you get little surprises. Very little surprises.
 Like these:

Aren't they adorable? This week we've been getting 1.5 eggs per day. I think that it's Mavis who is laying the tiny eggs. The only reason I think that is because, when they started laying, Mavis was the only one who laid a "test" egg in the nesting box. I have six of them now, collected over the past three years. They are on a shelf in my living room in a nest to keep them safe. I think I want to put them in a shadow box and hang them on the wall. You know me and things teeny-tiny, I love anything that's been miniaturized!
The hubs asked if I was going to crack one open to have a look inside. I don't think so. I love them just the way they are- sweet and special gifts from a sweet and special hen. I'm good with that.

Monday, May 2, 2011


 I awoke to the news that Usama bin Laden has been killed in a swift military strike in Pakistan. The chanting of "USA! USA!" is ringing from my television set. The jubilant celebration is electrifying.
That his death came in such a way seems to be poetic justice. He didn't expect it. It took him completely by surprise as it did for the nearly 3,000 people who died in his diabolical airplane attacks almost ten years ago. You would hope that his last thought would have been one of repentance and sorrow for the people whose deaths he caused. I'm pretty sure that they were not. Defiance, pride and hatred were what drove him, fueled him, as he did his best to squelch the freedom and lives of others who did not believe as he did. They did not serve him well.
I am glad to hear of his death but, as the mother of a son who serves in the US military, I am cautiously optimistic of this news. While the head of the Al Quaida octopus has been severed, the many tentacles are still there, ready to react to the loss. Retribution will be their battle cry.
So to you, our military men and women who bravely carried out this delicate mission, well done! To all of you who serve, we will continue to stand behind you in support. We will continue to pray for you and  your families until you safely step back on American ground. You will never know the depth of our gratitude to each and every one of you. Thank you does not seem like enough.