Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's been a while, hasn't it?

I am such a slack blogger. No excuses here, I just haven't felt like writing. Is that terrible? I am sorry.
With Nathan coming home, then leaving, Christmas coming and then working, things here have been put on the back burner. 
One thing I have neglected to do was to thank a few people for the mail loveliness that they sent me.
Last November, I won a giveaway over at PamKittyMorning. I did remember to thank her on her blog, but I never shared what she sent me with you! I am horrible.

 This is what came- an autographed copy of Alex Anderson's Rotary Cutting book (from which I have learned so much!), a DVD which promises that Alex will teach me how to quilt (I'm all for that!) and a Piecing Tips and Tricks book (which is full of fabulous tips and tricks!). I haven't watched the DVD yet, but the books are fab! Thank you, Pam. I love them all. 

 This gift was a complete and wonderful surprise. One of the missionaries serving in our ward noticed that I liked to quilt and mentioned that his mother was a quilter as well. He also mentioned that she did instructional DVDs for those that would like to learn. He is the most humble of young men, and that humility spread to talking about his mom. We had the missionaries over for a Family Home Evening after Thanksgiving and Elder Ramirez mentioned that his mom had sent me some things and handed me a plastic bag that contained books and DVDs. When I took them out I looked at him and said. "THIS is your mother?!" He very shyly smiled. I am working on a little project for Dawn, using the things I have learned from watching her DVDs. I hope she likes it. :)

 How did these cute little piggies get in here?

 Have you ever visited Just Something I Made? I love Cathe's blog. She has the most clever ideas! A while ago I won a giveaway that she held. Again, my apologies for being so long in mentioning this.

 The giveaway itself was for a necklace made by the very talented Wendy Baker on the blog wednesday 3 o'clock. Wendy also has an Etsy shop called Bendywho, and it is full of luscious things! I won one of her necklaces! In this necklace is a penny that has been altered using a tutorial created by Cathe. Hence, the connection between the two.

How beautiful is this? It is the perfect mix of tradition and funkiness. I receive compliments on it wherever I wear it. In fact, I usually am asked if I made it because it is "such a Karin necklace." I am pleased to tell them from where it came and that they too could have one for themselves!

And so, I am saying a big Thank You, to the women who have graced me with their talents and kindness. I am truly humbled and grateful to you for sharing a small portion of yourselves with me.
Now, I am going back into my sewing room to get some things done. We are iced in here in Georgia! Really iced in. It took my neighbor two hours, and the assistance of an army of more neighbors chipping away at the ice with shovels, to get up the hill in front of my house. I did my part by spreading cat littler (clean!) on the slickest part at the end of my driveway. The chickens will not come out of their house and we have to go down a few times a day to give them fresh water. We also have their heat lamp on in their coop and that might be why they refuse to pop outdoors! They are so spoiled!
Stay warm, peeps!!


Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- looks like you've been having fun in giveaway land. That necklace looks PERFECT for you -- how exciting!

And I had a horror moment yesterday. I was flipping through your book and saw your address. In all the hub-bub of the holidays, I totally forgot to do anything with it. I'm hoping to remedy that this week!

Wendy B. said...

hi karin, i am wendy of the giveaway. we have never met, but you too graced my world in a way you never would have imagined.
i am a late nightowl. and in this state, i am often reading random things and working on projects that ought to be done during daylight hours. still i just wondered if you ever got your necklace and had not inquired about that with cathe. so i looked today and here it is, an very kind public thank you.

i will reciprocate with the following, in which you featured through the reading of your blog. i wanted you to know that the necklace was never intended to go anywhere else, cause i think divine intervention was involved.
i tried to write all of my thoughts about this down in the following posting:

i think you might be able to connect the dots and understand how things came together.
i am glad your friends think you made this necklace, it makes it more yours than ever.
divine intervention i say!

thanks again. wear and be in good health.