Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It's nice to be home, but I wish that our little trip would have lasted just a bit longer. Why is it that, when you are home, time just plods along and when you are gone- poof!- it flies by?
Friday was a play day for us, visiting a local quilt shop (of course!), popping by a yard sale, the required trip to the WalMart and lunch at a new-to-me restaurant, The Red Elephant. Oh, my gosh! I had hummus with olive tapenade, black bean soup and a wedge salad with the best blue cheese dressing ever. Delish! After our morning adventures we headed home to start setting up for the yard sale. (We needn't have wasted our time, it was a total bust. Oh, well, it was a good reason to go see my sister!)
Friday night was the ZooBoo at Lowry Park Zoo and it was a lot of fun. Most especially fun was watching John and Alyssa riding The Flume of Fear! Hilarious. They both got soaked! My niece was not amused but John thought it was awesome. We found a hurricane booth that lets you experience hurricane force winds, made both kids get inside, paid our two dollars and blow-dried them. It didn't work very well but the chuckle factor was priceless. There were haunted shipwrecks, mummy tombs and a 3D "movie" experience. Lots of games and food and not a lot of people, which was lovely. We all enjoyed it very much.
As I said, Saturday's yard sale was a bust. We made $50 for the whole day. I did get a lot of knitting done on Emma's blanket and it was nice to just sit and chat about, well, nothing really. We closed up early and headed to the beach. We always go near sunset, it's the best time to be there. It was beautiful- breezy and warm and the sun was just beginning its journey below the horizon.

 Why is it that all the photos of my family at the beach are of them walking away? Because they hate having their pictures taken that's why!

 Goodbye, sunshine.

 The pumpkin festival was great fun. We got "lost" in the corn maze.

 But John Albert spied the way out and led us to safety. Actually, he just followed a man in a red shirt, never letting him out of his sight. Whatever, it worked!

There was a rather hokey lumberjack show, full of corny jokes and throwing of axes. Yikes!

 The Wallendas were there, performing their death-defying feats. This girl was 100 feet in the air!
Um, yeah, no.

 John loved this little orange car!

 Beautiful fresh watermelons at the Farmer's Market.

And then, no more pictures because I became ill and we had to leave. :( I was not a happy camper. I think it was too much sun. It was almost 90 degrees and we were in full sun for 4 hours. I was hot and sunburned, never a good combination. Oy. A good nap and some quiet time and I felt much better. 
Now I'm home and I'm happy to be here. Very happy.


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Looks (and sounds) like you had a great time..sorry it went sooo fast! Glad you're home safe & sound , so rest up and have a great week!

WW said...

Sounds like you had a great time.