Saturday, June 19, 2010


There's something I've noticed around my garden this year and it is a bit disturbing- the distinct lack of bees.

Usually my butterfly bush is full of bees and butterflies at this time of year. So much so, that I have to duck and dodge them or risk being stung. But not this year. It makes me sad.
It also makes me want to get a hive or two and place them in the corner of our back yard. Without bees, how will my garden grow?
Now, to convince the hubs. :)

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Tilda said...

We have ALL your honey bees and mine too! Last year we threw together seed packets and bought a couple wild seed packets for good measure, scattered them on a new slope of fresh black dairy dirt (good stuff) and were thrilled with the hundreds of orange, white, pink and red poppies that delighted me all summer and into the fall. One other thrill..the hundreds of bees. The poppies are back again this year, and so are the bees. They love it, and my heart smiles because we too had been lacking in bees. A national problem I understand. Barely any for my gourd crop of 2 years ago.