Saturday, February 27, 2010


That's how many years I've been married to this man.

He's the guy who still floats my boat, makes me laugh, weak in the knees and, sometimes, a bit annoyed. I'm just being honest here.
We've been through a lot, the two of us, but we've always come out of each little thing together. He is the one I can always count on.
Yesterday we celebrated another anniversary. Sixteen years ago we went to the temple, where we were married for time and all eternity. It is the one that means the most to me because he
chose to stand beside me forever and ever. We are a couple to infinity and beyond.
It started as just us, then one baby, then another and another. And, in September, a little grand- baby will join us. I think we've come full circle. So, happy anniversary, Mr. Smith. I am so grateful to be your wife.
Now, go take out the trash.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Have You Met Marie?

One of my favorite blogs is Marie's The English Kitchen whose subtitle is: De-bunking the Myths of English Cookery One recipe at a Time. Don't you just love it?
Every day, Marie shares a new recipe on her blog, along with charming anecdotes that make you wish you were her neighbor in the English countryside.
I've made quite a few of her recipes like- Potato Pie, Bacon Cheeseburger Skillet Casserole, Lemon Chicken, Cheesy Baked Rigatoni, and this:

Homemade lemon curd.

Seriously, this is the best lemon curd you will ever eat. Silky, with tiny little bites of lemon zest and the kind of tart and sweet combination that makes your mouth deliriously happy. I made mine with the Meyer lemons my sister brought to me (that she picked from her father-in-law's backyard tree!), along with fresh eggs supplied by the girls. Their yolks are such a brilliant orange color that it made the lemon curd look as though I had added a bit of yellow food coloring. Be assured that I did not. It's just good, old fashioned rich and luscious egg yolks. If you make the lemon curd, you must also make the Lemon Drizzle Cake. Trust me, just trust me. I don't have a photo because, well, we ate the whole darn thing before I thought about snapping one.

Every recipe has been met with raves from my family. Even the picky ones! There's something about English food that immediately makes you feel all homey and warm. It is truly quintessential comfort food at its best.

Pop on over and visit Marie and her wonderful kitchen full of magical recipes. Your family will be so thrilled that you did. Your waistline, however, may never be the same again!

Oh, and you can also visit her other blog, A Year From Oak Cottage, where she shares insight into the sweet gal that she is and shares yet another recipe! If you want to see what else this multi talented girl is up to, visit Blossom Time Creations, where you will find Marie's artwork and dolls.

Really, I don't know how she does it all, but I'm so glad that she does!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A New Sweater Hat and a Deal Is Sealed

I've made another sweater hat, this one for my son's Army friend. The request for this hat came with a deal- Nathan's friend would no longer use naughty Facebook language if I made him a green sweater hat. I jumped at the chance! I'm no dummy.
This young man has a propensity for using colorful language, the kind that makes me cringe when I read it. He knows this because I leave him comments all the time. All the time. It's the mother in me.

But, truly, it's for him. I'm not sure he really wants people to think of him as the boy who cannot write a sentence without swearing or inferring something crude and distasteful. There are certain things that one never needs to know about another human being. Sharing, in this case, is just a bit too much. There is always a more clever, concise and inoffensive way to get one's point across. It just takes thought.

So, this little hat is now on its way to Texas. Maybe it will be a thinking cap of sorts, one that will remind the wearer of the promise that was made with the maker. Really, he owes me nothing but I am trusting him to honor his word.
If he doesn't? Well, the hat will suck out all of his brains. Don't mess with a mom.

Monday, February 15, 2010

One World, One Heart Winners!

First, I would like to thank all of you who came by to visit my blog and enter my little giveaway. I have had the best time traveling about the world through the click of a mouse and seeing how amazingly talented you all are. My thanks, as well, to Lisa, for having such a generous and giving spirit that inspired over 1000 bloggers worldwide to do something for someone else.
Flora was not being very cooperative today. In fact, she snubbed me! Just turned around and went back to digging for worms and things. So, I had to resort to the Random Number Generator for the winners. I think that's okay though. You still had the same chance, but your name wasn't pecked out of a bowl by an ornery chicken. Maybe that's for the best.
I took photos of each number so you could be a part of the process. However, the photos uploaded in reverse order as you can see from the time stamps. So, I will reverse the order of the prizes starting with the last one first. Are you following me? Anyway, here goes-

For the sweet little rose embellished flea market purse-

Which turns out to be Diva Kreszl!! Whoo hoo, Diva! Congratulations to you!
Now, for the heart embellished flea market purse-

#109 is Beth Leintz! Congratulations, Beth! I see you wearing this to many estate sales and snagging lots of cool stuff, as you always do. I wish I could come along with the bag. ;)
And, finally, the number for the table top quilt is-

And the winner is.....PinkPug, Ink!! I hope this fits in with your decor!
I'm so glad it is going to a good home. :)

Congratulations to each of you! Please e-mail me your mailing addresses
and I will put these in the post this week.

Thanks again for making this such a fun event. I have bookmarked so many of your blogs so that I can come back to visit and see what wonderful things you have been doing.
Until the next giveaway, toodles!!

How Did You Spend Your Valentine's Day?

I spent mine on the sofa watching movies like; Julie and Julia- loved, but was it necessary to have Stanley Tucci say the f-word? ; Bride Wars- cute and a much needed distraction; Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium- just the sweetest, fantastical story; and making these:

I happened to read Yvonne's Yvestown Blog and she had shared how to make these darling crocheted hearts. The directions were so super simple that even I could follow them with my somewhat beginner skills. To say I am addicted would be an understatement. I love making these hearts! Plus, I got to use my fancy-schmancy crochet hook!
Stay tuned for the winners of my One World, One Heart giveaway! I cannot decide whether to use the random number generator or trek out the hen house to have Flora draw the names. Once I make that decision, I'll post the winners!! Good luck, everyone. :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm afraid this is about all I could muster today. I'm still under the weather and wishing that whatever this is that I have would depart as soon as possible.
There's still time to enter my One World, One Heart giveway here. You have until tomorrow at noon to be included in the draw.
I cannot believe how many people have come to visit me and enter my little giveaway. Thank you all so very much for coming by and leaving your sweet comments. They have made my little heart smile and lifted my spirits. I wish I could do something for every single one of you.
Well, I can always hold more giveaways. :)
I hope that your Valentine's Day is filled with smiles and mushy love notes.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day.



Ah, beautiful.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Never Underestimate the Power of a Hot Bath.

I'm a bit under the weather today. I'm achy and feverish. I'm coughing and cold. I'm never cold.
Last night I decided to take an Alka Seltzer before I went to bed. I opened the package, put the Alka Seltzer tablets in my hand, filled my glass with water and then, inexplicably, popped the tablets into my mouth! It took a second to realize what I had done and, by then, I had a mouth full of foam. Blecch.
This morning I woke up, read a few of my favorite blogs and wished that I could curl up and sleep in any corner I could find. Instead, I took a hot bath. Lovely.
Filled with the hottest water I could stand, a little lavender and some Epsom salts, I slipped in and within a few minutes in I found myself drifting off to sleep. Blissful, restful, much-needed sleep. It's amazing what that kind of rest will do for the body and the soul. Maybe I'll get a little something done. Maybe. I could just take hot baths all day.
Now, if I can just remember to put the Alka Seltzer in the water tonight, I'll be all set.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bite-sized Bits of Love.

We're having a little Valentine's gathering for the women at church tonight. I thought I would make something sweet, but not too much so, for us to snack on-hence the tiny cupcake you see below.

Mmmm, red velvet cake with a lovely dollop of cream cheese frosting. Delicious! I won't be serving them in nests but, gee, wouldn't that be cute? I just had to pose the best one, nestled in wool, in front of photos of my grandparents. Really, my photos can be a bit repetitious. So, no blue plate this time!
Now, what am I going to make on the real Valentine's Day?
PS- I just looked at this photo again and burst out laughing because- don't read this if you are squeamish- it looks a bit like a little plop of dog poo. I can assure you that was not my intent but, now that I see it, it looks like nothing else. Aargh! I should have just closed the post immediately.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Through bare branches in my backyard,

last night's moon cast it's milky glow over all in its path.
There it sat, high up in the sky,
surrounded by the mist of a Winter's night.
The next time I go out to take a photo on a cold, dark night, I'll have to remember to wear slippers!