Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Yes, that PW! Last night I dragged my friend, Cilla, to the Border's book store on Peachtree Street in Atlanta to meet Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman and author of the much coveted The Pioneer Woman Cooks! cookbook.
I thought that we should leave early, about 5 o'clock, as the book signing was to begin at 7:30 pm. Our trip through Atlanta was remarkably uneventful with just a hint of heavy traffic.
After navigating our way around the Phipp's Plaza, Lenox Square area of Peachtree Street we finally arrived at Border's about 6:15. Finding a parking spot was a bit of a challenge as I drove the truck and the parking lot was a buzz with tiny little cars whipping about me like drones to daisies. At last I found our spot, rock star parking really, right in front of the store.
My thoughts of arriving early were clearly present in every other woman in Atlanta, because the store was jam-packed! And the book signing began at 6:00 because there were so many people. Good night above.
Cilla and I purchased our books, placed the green wristbands with the letter E written on them and went upstairs to where the event was being held. On the way up the escalator I noticed a sign for a similar event with Nigella Lawson coming this Friday. All I can say is, if you are planning on going, leave your house very early and arrive at 1:00 in the afternoon. You will thank me later.
We sat for a while and waited as a rather slight man with a very harried expression called out for orange wrist-banded people with the letters A, B and C to move towards the man in the Santa hat to check in. And so it went, all the way through the letters to I. Yes, I. Our prospects were appearing to be very slim of even getting to the point where we could line up to wait in line.
So, we meandered over to the Baby Birthing Book section and took a seat where we fell into conversation with two of the nicest women. One was reading a book on her Kindle and I quickly bombarded her with questions about it. I am now saving my pennies for one. Our conversation turned to a variety of topics- genealogy, the cook book, children and their quirky eating habits, small towns and the minutes quickly passed. At last the much-anticipated time arrived, the even-much-more-so harried man called out, "Green- E." and Cilla and I were on our way!
Not much later, we were the ones standing at the front of the line, watching as Ree gracefully met each of her fans, signing their books and engaging in conversation that was only for them.
I can tell you she is lovely, inside and out and very, very patient. I would be incredibly intimidated by the fact that there were literally hundreds of people coming to meet me and yet you could not see that in her face at all. She was calm, poised, genuine and, for the brief time I stood by her, engaging and attentive, as were her sister, Betsy and friend, Hyacinth, who tagged along. Bless them all.
If you have the chance to see Ree on the last leg of her book tour, go. It will be worth the wait as you make new friends, pester the harried little man in your city and meet someone who really cares that you came and waited just to meet her.

Cilla and Ree.

Cilla with Betsy and Hyacinth.

Me with Ree.

Me with Betsy and Hyacinth.
Thank you, ladies, for making this Monday night one I will not soon forget.


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous, she is not coming anywhere near Washington. I so wished she would. Congrats on getting to meet her!

amy said...

I was so sad that I couldn't go! I didn't find out about it until yesterday and we had small group at our house last night! I am glad you had fun!

Christy said...

I did not know that you were a fan of PW too! We have so much in common. I thought about fighting the crowds, but decided against it and worked on a Christmas project. Tell me all about it next month at Strip Club!!!

whimseycreations said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I love The Pioneer Woman's blog and recipes and she seems like such a neat person. Good for you - but I AM jealous LOL