Friday, October 30, 2009

When I Was Very Young

While my mother was in Massachusetts visiting her sister, my dad took the opportunity to go through old family photos and random negatives. A few of those negatives were of my brother and me. I had them printed up and I got them today.
It looks as though I may have been about four years old, which would have made my brother two at the time. We are only sixteen months apart.

I can tell that these were taken in the summer, as my birthday is in June. I don't remember this party. I wish I did.

But I'm pretty sure that I was excited about it as you can see from this photo. My mother is inside the door probably telling my dad to hurry and take the picture.

My brother Donald and I on the swing set in our back yard. Can you see the fence behind us? I fell over that little fence when I was six and broke my arm. I was trying to catch a ball. When I stood up and straightened my arm out, the bone came shooting out. I spent a week in the hospital. Now that I remember. I don't eat minestrone soup because of that stay. Who feeds minestrone soup to a child who is ill? Mean nurses, that's who!
My brother turned fifty last month and I will be framing up a few shots of him when he was small and sending them to him. He knows something is coming, just not what.
I think he is going to be very surprised! There is nothing like looking back at your childhood when you have reached the half-way point of your life. It keeps you young.


Thimbleanna said...

Adorable pictures Karin! I hope your brother doesn't read your blog LOL!

Nan said...

That lawn chair and screen door are so very familiar! And the pictures are just adorable.

Cathy said...

What sweet memories!!... well except for the broken arm and the mean nurses LOL!!!
Thanks for sharing :)

Tina- said...

such darling pictures. your brother will love a copy of that one with you two on the swings!