Thursday, September 3, 2009

Making Things.

My friend, Frannie, from Kentucky makes the most charming rag dolls. She calls them Rag Chillun' and sells them from Sister Mercy's Foundlin' Home, her blog and the old school house at her farm. I love them.
As you can see from this photo of Annabelle, who came to live with us last year, they have striking features and sweet personalities. How could you resist this face? My family can- they don't see the cuteness that these dolls possess. Mutants.

One of the things that I get to do with my little job is to make things for display at the shop. Could I ask for anything more?
There is a spot that will hold little brown paper bags filled with tiny quilt kits. My job is to fill the shelf with a display that will encourage quilters to take one home and create an heirloom for their families. I knew instantly what I would do- make one of Frannie's dolls. A quick e-mail for permission (granted) and I was off to the craft room to cut and sew. No pattern, no real plan, I just allowed her to develop as she wanted to.

Her body is made of coffee-dyed muslin. No, that's not true, I used Roma. I don't drink coffee. Her dress is made from some of the fabric I received from Susan at Not Quite June Cleaver, which I have yet to show you. Bad me. Her apron is a bit of homespun yardage and the trim is ruffled jute webbing. Ruffling jute webbing is very hard on the hands. Her pantaloons are lightly-dyed muslin.

Her hair is made from raw wool. I purchased an entire fleece from a friend in Washington state two years ago and I am still using it. I don't think I will ever empty that box! Vintage buttons for eyes, a plaid wool nose and an embroidered mouth make for a sweet face. Or a creepy one depending on who you ask. Don't ask my family.

Here she is, all ready to go make a little quilt at A Scarlet Thread. She will sit on a little stool and a small table will be at her side holding all of her quilting tools. I really love how she turned out- quirky, charming and unexpectedly adorable in spite of her size. I cannot wait for them to see her at the shop. I hope they'll be pleased. :)


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Thanks so much for visiting me today. I love her, she is just perfect the way she is. She is charming and adorable, I am sure she will be more than happy to sit in the shop and inspire.
xo Lidy

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, they're both just adorable. yours looks like a little white haired granny -- too cute!

Anonymous said...

hey honey-doo .. she is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can tell she came straight from your sweet heart!!!

the gurlz are here for our teddy bear makin' weekend. will write and tell you all about it after our fun weekend.

love, love, love your dolly!!! hope you create a million more!! xoxo, frannie

ohhh .. the 'blog site addy' changed .. it is:



Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Karin! Your baby doll is darling! Sweet & cozy! Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!


wendy said...

I really enjoyed visiting your blog,and your doll is sooo cute! Have a great weekend!

Pen Pen said...

Love her!!!

DownBranchRoad said...

Ms Karin,
You done a WONDERFUL job on your dolly. I too LOVE Frannie dolls. Maybe that is because I LOVE Frannie. I had a wonderful weekend at the TeddyBear Making Class. I only got to stay one night sure wish I could have stayed more. Hope you get to join us again someday.