Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome, Mornin' Glory.

How nice of you to come grace my front garden.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I've Made a Little Something.

Hop on over here to see what it is!

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

And I could not be happier! We have needed a day like this for a very long time.
Things have been busy here as I try to combine work and home life. I've come up with a few projects for A Thread of Red (a new one will go up today!) and spent yesterday sorting out and organizing the storage room with Jamie, one of the Scarlet Divas. And she is so not a diva at all- she's very sweet and we had a great time working together!
Ainslie is having her wisdom teeth out today, so I will be cleaning and setting up the sofa with sheets and her pillows and making a stack of movies for her to watch when she comes home.
I wonder if she'd like to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks? ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Three, Count Them- Three Years!

As I was wrapping up this plate of cookies this morning, I realized that I have had this box of plastic wrap for what feels like forever. I bought it in the summer of 2006 at Costco. If I'm not mistaken, it only cost about $10 for 3000 square feet.

Three years later it is still going strong. The box is a bit tatty now and I have had to glue the cutting strip back on a few times but that is to be expected. Who would have thought that it would still be in use? Not me, that's for sure!

As you can see there is about a half an inch left on the roll. How long will that last me? Do you think I can make it to next summer? Maybe, maybe not. But if it does, it will be the best $10 I have ever spent. For $2.50 a year for plasic wrap, it's a total bargain.
When it does reach its end I think I'll be a little sad. But I'm pretty sure that the shiny, new boxes at Costco will shake me out of that pretty darn quick!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I went in to check on JA in the tub (when you have a child with seizures, all modesty flies out the door!) and I found him sitting back drinking a root beer. Yes, in the tub! The funny thing is that this brought back a memory of when I was a little girl.
The memory was of my brother and me in the tub one summer night, me about four years-old and my brother around three. My mother had brought us in each a brown cow- Coke with vanilla ice cream in it- in a glass. I'm not sure why we were given such a treat while taking a bath. It may have had something to do with the fact that it could have been messy. Whatever the reason, we each sat in a tub full of bubbles eating our ice cream with long spoons and then drinking the Coke as fast as we could afterwards and laughing hysterically at each other.
This memory spurred on another, one that also took place in the summer. We had moved from Braintree to Marshfield, MA to a small farm. Wanting to surround us with farm life, my father thought that making our own root beer would be a good summer project. He bought all of the supplies, set a day to make it and gathered my brothers and I to help. Once the root beer was mixed together, Dad bottled it and placed the bottles in the cellar to become something we greatly anticipated. We never did get to taste that batch of root beer because one night, while we were watching television, we heard a bang! and then another and another. Each of the bottles had popped their corks, spraying root beer everywhere and leaving us very, very sad children indeed. Feeling sorry for us, Dad took us to Johnson's A&W for a root beer float and quarts of fried clams the next weekend. If you ask me, that was more than a fair trade!
Looking back at these two memories, I came to the conclusion that JA comes by his bathtub root beer drinking honestly. I sure wish I could blame it on his dad. ;)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Bee-cause I Like You.

My Sweet Autumn Clematis has bloomed on the front fence bringing bees large and small to feast on the blossoms.

How cute is this little guy?

It took forever to get a shot of him. He must travel at 5 miles an hour!

This is the sight that greets me when I leave my house and return again.

It's a bee-utiful thing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Inspired Room

Have you been to visit Melissa's website? I go there daily to be inspired and encouraged. It is such a lovely place to stop and visit! Well, Melissa is having a giveaway and it is amazing. Her friend, Kymberly, from 3 Fine Grains is offering a beautiful, antique German grain sack to be given as the prize. Oh, be still my heart!

How do you win? Well, you just leave a comment and let Melissa know what you would do with that grain sack. (My thought is to make a quilt with the front of the sack in the center and a simple one-patch surrounding it for my bedroom. My room is in desperate need of redesign. Desperate, I tell you!) Simple. No, not really that simple when you think about the age of that grain sack, the history it possesses, the hands that filled and emptied it. Do you think that farmer would have ever guessed that women world-wide would simultaneously have their hearts stop at the sight of it? I doubt that very much. To him it was just a bag that held the more important thing- grain.

Anyway, enough of waxing poetic. Hop on over and visit The Inspired Room and then pop by 3 Fine Grains. All of your stress will melt away. Unless you get hung up on winning that grain sack!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

5K Day!!

We did it! My sister, Dayna, and I woke up early this morning and drove an hour to the Silver Comet Trail in Mableton to participate in our first 5K. It was such a beautiful morning, cool and still. Thirty women gathered at the starting point and anxiously awaited the words- Ready! Set! Go! And go we did.

Some of the women ran the entire 3.1 miles, others walked the trail. Dayna jogged the entire time and I alternated between jogging and walking very fast, arms pumping me along when my body did not want to go any further. My halfway time was 24 minutes, 23 seconds, much better than I thought it would be!
The trail itself is beautiful. Kudzu blossoms scattered themselves over the trail giving us a carpet of flowers upon which to walk, their grape-like scent wafting up with each footstep. Sweet Autumn clematis tumbled over railings and bushes along side the trail making every turn a feast for the eyes. Rocky walls sweeping up the hillsides where trains would zoom past each and every day. Just beautiful. And the best part? No snakes! Boy, was I happy about that.
Dayna and I came in together, encouraging each other along by saying, "Come on! You can do it!" and, "Go, Dayna! You need to beat your older sister!" Our times? 48 minutes, 54 and 55 seconds respectively.
The most important thing for me was that I met the goals I had set for myself: 1. To finish and 2. To come in under an hour. The challenge of training every day for the past month paid off in a big way, I feel energized and proud of the fact that I was able to accomplish something I thought I never could do.
I cannot wait until next year!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Good News!

Thank you for the well wishes! I am so excited I could bust! I am going to be the display coordinator (I made that title up) for A Scarlet Thread! How fun will this be? It's right up my alley- setting vignettes to highlight the beautiful quilts made by the women at AST and managing their website! Plus I will still write the blog! How many exclamation points can I use in one paragraph?
I just love everyone that works there and now I get to be a part of that circle of amazing women.
I am one happy girl. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wish Me Luck.

I have a little job interview today. Eek!

Monday, August 10, 2009

You Need to Visit 52 Flea!

First, because Laura is having a brilliant giveaway- she will be your personal shopper at the Madison Bouckville Antique Show, searching for just the right things to fill your heart's desire!
Second- Go look at her blog and you will see that she has impeccable taste. Ah, I could fall into any one of her photographs and be perfectly content. Really.
Comments can be left until midnight tomorrow, August 11, so be quick!!
Why are you still here?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Don't Try This At Home.

Today is the 3rd birthday of my favorite quilt shop. In honor of this wonderful event, I made a cake. Isn't it beautiful?

It is a French vanilla bundt cake made with butter, milk and fresh eggs from the hen house. It made my whole house smell divine as it was baking last night.
In order to prevent any unwanted creatures from noshing on this gateau, I had to cover it. The glaze was still a bit sticky so I had to find something that would elevate the cover off the cake. Hmmm, what to do, what to do. Aha! Spaghetti! Of course. Poking twelve sticks of spaghetti into the cake I was able to then drape a clean dish towel over the top. Problem solved, I went to bed.
This morning I woke up to find that (Duh!) the spaghetti had absorbed the moisture from the cake and each stick had broken at the place where cake and pasta met. The towel had then dropped onto the cake, taking parts of the glaze with it as I lifted it off. Perfect. You can't see those parts in my carefully staged photo, but they are there, trust me.
There is now a new, pasta-free cake on the counter waiting for a dusting of powdered sugar to take to my friends. I hope my family likes spaghetti cake.

Friday, August 7, 2009


After yesterday's yucky snake post, I thought you deserved something pretty to look at.
Hope your day is the cherries!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh, Good Night.

Last night the hubs went out to put a bag of trash in the bin. As usual he was barefoot, in the dark. Out the door he went, down the driveway and back again just like every other night. Only last night on the way back he caught sight of something moving. Quickly, the hubs moved through the garden, grabbed the mattock that he had used to whack out an invasive wisteria, and began chopping at this:

A copperhead.

If it wasn't for a good zoom lens you would not be seeing this picture. I stood inside the family room and shook the entire time I was photographing this nasty creature.

This is the same kind of snake that bit my parent's Boston Terrier two years ago and made him swell up like a balloon and take on the appearance of Winston Churchill in the process. It is what caused him to spend a night at the emergency vet, IV solution running through his system trying to dilute the venom.

Even though I'm pretty sure that this copperhead was after the chipmunk family that lives under our deck, just the thought that it was so close by gives me the willies. We have been inundated with snakes this year- king snakes, large and small; brown snakes that eat earth worms; worm snakes that do the same. And now, this. It's just too much.

I hate snakes.

Monday, August 3, 2009

What's Up, Buttercup?

Sweet Autumn Clematis ready to pop like popcorn on my fence.

A rather gray sky from my front porch.

And yet, around the corner, brilliant blue.

And what day would be complete without a love note written by your garden spider?

Yep, things are definitely looking up.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

R.I.P. Blanche

Late yesterday afternoon I went out to check the hens. Four little clucks came running for the door of the pen. Everyone except Blanche. She was lying at the back of the pen, dead. It was a bit of a shock as I always thought that her end would come with a garnish of rosemary and lemon.

I initially thought it was Hazel, but when I really looked this morning I discovered that the remaining Buff had a small comb. Blanche's was rather large and floppy.
Last night, during my prayer, I found myself apologizing for not watching out for Blanche better. I know things happen, but she was under my watch and I had failed her.
A thought suddenly came to me that I am the chicken. Not really the chicken, but like the chicken. Just as I should care for, tend, nurture, nourish and protect my flock, I have a responsibility to do the very same thing for myself. Funny how such an insignificant event can propel such a much-needed lesson.
I find that I am the last one I care for. With my husband, children and parents all requiring my care at various times, I am the last one on the totem pole. Blanche's demise brought that to the forefront of my brain. There is someone counting on me to feed, nurture, tend and protect myself both physically and spiritually. He is the one who wants me to return to Him when my end comes. If I failed Blanche, lesson learned. If I fail myself, well the ramifications are eternal. Failure is not an option.
I'm sorry, Blanche, for not being there to protect you when you needed me to. But, I thank you for the lesson that you have taught me. It is rife with sadness and pain at your loss, but full of appreciation and gratitude.
Farewell, you sweet, silly hen.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh, You Beautiful Doll...Quilt.

Yesterday was a rather grim, rainy day here in Georgia. We did have little spots of sunshine but not enough to get outside and do the things I needed to do, like picking the last of the green beans and tilling the garden to prepare for fall crops. Those can wait.
Instead, I got out some fabric and started sewing. I used a Sweet charm pack and sliced it up into 1" strips. I planned and pinned, stitched and pressed and in no time flat, I had an itty-bitty doll quilt.

Here is my quilt making one of my friend Frannie's rag dolls comfy and warm.

Ah. It's back.