Thursday, June 4, 2009

Down Memory Lane.

Whenever I go to a yard sale or estate sale I go directly to the kitchen. It never fails that I find, tucked away on a shelf, a small stack of recipe booklets. These booklets are among my favorite things.
Most of them are published by flour, baking powder or other brand familiar companies- Jell-O, Rumford Baking Powder, Spry Shortening, White Lily Flour are just a few.
I'm a bit picky about which booklets I buy because I know if I bought every one that I see, I would have no room for anything else in my kitchen!
These are a few of my favorite booklets:

The Joys of Jell-O with recipes like Crown Jewel Dessert and Apple Tuna Mold. Homemaking with a Flair with recipes by James Beard- Hamburgers on a Stick and Gado Gado, a Japanese dish. Husband-Tested Recipes by Mary Lee Taylor. Just look at the centerfold! Ha! I'm pretty sure that my husband would not be happy with a spaghetti dinner that had hot dogs arranged on the top. But, some of the other dishes look delicious!

Here are a few more of my faves:

Aunt Jenny's Favorite Recipes comes with cute photos and, even better, solutions for your baking problems in the guise of clever conversation.

Even the cover has this bit of not-so-subtle advertising:
"How did you ever decide what recipes to put in this book of yours, Jenny? Why, you must know thousands!"
"Well, Calvin, I knew folks would want receipts for every day- not too fussy or hard on the pocketbook , but good-tastin'. These sure are- an' so digestible even a child can eat 'em, for they are all made with Spry!"
You will find words like humdinger and dandy within its pages, and they absolutely describe this adorable booklet.

With White Lily flour, you have friends everywhere, along with menus for planning out your weekly meals!

While the retro charm of these booklets is clearly their appeal, the recipes are actually worth revisiting. Some of them have found their way onto my dinner table to raves from my family. They are practical, thrifty meals designed to feed a family with wholesome goodness. Making foods from scratch is not only cheaper but healthier.
Next time you're at a tag sale, yard sale or estate sale, head to the kitchen and pick up a few of these treasures. You never know, you might find me there as well!


monix said...

That's the section that I always head for, too. Some of my favourite everyday meals come from those little booklets that I either got from my mother or picked up in sales. Adding a few herbs and spices can bring wholesome, nourishing dishes right up to date but they should always be served with the kind of old-fashioned language you describe.

joanna said...

Okay, I am in love with those little booklets! I don't think they are as plentiful in our neck of the woods because I have never really seen many of them. But I will keep my eyes open now.
Happy Sewing,


Utah Grammie said...

OK, apple-tuna-jello? EEESH! That sounds perfectly awful! Hope that isn't one of your faves!!

Looks like a fun collection - I love old cookbooks as well. Whenever we get together (!) we'll have to compare :-)

Betty said...

Not being a cook, I've never even thought to look through someone's cookbooks...but, these are too cute! I think I'll check some out for fun...that's if I ever see an estate sale here. Lots of yard sales (well, not now, 'cause it's over 100 degrees every day and folks tend to stay inside more); but, I've rarely seen estate sales. Think I'll pay more attention now. Thanks for the 'heads up'.

DownBranchRoad said...

Karin, I always head to the kitchen stuff also. I love old kitchen items, guess one can tell if the stroll through my blog.
Hope the computer gets fixed soon. I know how "lost" it feels being without one. But, I sure get a lot more done if I stay off the puter, dont you? Cant wait to see you again someday. So glad we met at the Gurlfren Gathering at Frannies. Was that fun or what?
Will never forget that darn rotten pumpkin. hehe to love Freedom Valley.