Friday, May 29, 2009


Actually, that should be a long, drawn out done with a question mark at the end as I am pretty sure I'll be changing even more things in the days to come.
Like this: Meh, it's okay. I think I want fresh flowers on the dining room table instead.

But, here is the "new" dining room. I'm still in the process of arranging the big wall. It's a tad too bland and black and brown! But, I love having the window behind the table and the space there is now. No more feeling as though people are crammed in, even though they really weren't. Now to find a nicer rug for underneath the table. This one was an emergency rug, needed in a hurry and bought on a whim because it was, a. big and b. cheap. I regret it every day.

The new sitting area. It's too tiny to be called a living room. I love this space. The window behind the sofa looks out over the kitchen garden and the bed spring arbor, which holds my bird feeders. I can tuck myself in the corner of the sofa and watch the birds come and go, munching on seeds and hiding in the bed springs from the cats.

The wing chairs are hand-me-downs from my mother-in-law. My husband and I think they are about 45 years old. He remembers his parents purchasing them at Ethan Allen on Roswell Rd. in Atlanta when he was a boy. They are still solid and cushy, but the upholstery is a bit weary and worn. They are wearing temporary covers of white cotton sheets until I can get slipcovers made. It may be a while because I cannot decide what I want to cover them in! Maybe muslin drop cloths, or maybe ticking or maybe a floral print...... Ack! I am very indecisive.
I am going to place items that are more suited to a sitting area on the shelves in the corner as soon as I find homes for what is there.
I am much happier in this space. I now have something restful and cozy to look at while I am cooking as opposed to the busy clutter of table and chairs. Plus the added bonus of not having to look at a messy kitchen while we are eating!
One thing I realized was that I don't have before photos to show you. Well, none that are not full of people. It is probably because I did not like these rooms as they were.
But, I love them now!


Utah Grammie said...

Ohhh, I love all your hard work! And your windows? I wanna come and sit and have tea with you there. Such a warm and welcoming home - you can just "feel" the love through the computer :-)

Betty said...

I can certainly see why you love the rooms now. I'm sure they were wonderful before; but, this was such a great idea! Watching the birds would be too fun!

whimseycreations said...

Bed spring arbors??? I want to know more about the bed spring arbors and pictures please? I know you used bedsprings for planting but I don't remember anything about arbors. Come on now - share!!! LOL

science + skeleton said...

10 bux says you change things again before i get home for Christmas.

madrekarin said...

You're on, Nathan!

The Feathered Nest said...

Karin!!! I love it!!! I think this was a wonderful idea girl! It's so funny as women we love fresh, new, and crisp surroundings and this defines both of these new spaces ~ do what works, do what makes you smile, do what make you HAPPY!!! I love it all...xxoo, Dawn

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

That is so funny, my wing chairs are almost identical and they look just like yours draped until I get enough nerve and time to recover them. Hey. When you get yours done you can help me!!!