Monday, May 11, 2009

A Bit Late, But Done Nonetheless.

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day. I did. It was quiet and simple- a phone call from my son in California, my daughter coming home for the day and dinner cooked by my husband. Who can ask for more?
Now to follow through on the award responsibilities!

7 Things I Love-

1. This man. Most of the time.

2. This boy.

3. And this boy.

4. And this girl.

5. And caring for these girls.

6. Making things.

And, 7. Finding out that there is a whole world full of women who think like I do. Who love to create and do so unabashedly and with flair and that we get to connect through this amazing blog world.

That said, here a few of my favorite places to visit, each one more than worthy of receiving this Kreativ Blogger Award. They envelop and inspire me daily and I am always grateful to learn something from them each time I visit.

Now to bestow this bit of lovliness onto seven others-

1. Cindy at The Plum Tree. - If I can't make it down to the shop, I can always visit her blog to see how Cindy has artfully displayed her wares. Her spirit shines through in each and every thing she does. I could live there, I tell ya.

2. Sue from Country Pleasures- Sue always delivers the right mix of perspective. Her recipes are fabulous and her insights on life are spot on.

3. Cathy from Cobblestone Farms- I had the pleasure of meeting Cathy last year in Kentucky at Frannie's Girlfriend's Gathering. Her blog is as beautiful and swee as she is.

4. Jess from Hectic Household- With eight children, a husband, a dog and now a sweet brood of chickens, you would think that she has enough on her plate. But, she is also finds time to create some of the most wonderful things with those busy two hands of hers. She is a wonder.

5. Nanette at Freda'a Hive- She is just an amazing talent and nice as pie. Her quilts are awe-inspiring and very drool-worthy.

6. Bev at Sew On and Sew Fourth- Bev is a true blue farmgirl, raising a small herd of Fainting Goats, raising bees and stitching the most adorable aprons this side of the Mississippi!!

7. Nathan at Words- I gave birth to this young man, the one full of insight and tenderness. His poetry is deep and rich, stark and raw. I love this kid. But then, I'm his mom.