Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Tree.

In our front yard is a single tree. It is large and beautiful, and leaning. For some reason this tree grew away from the sun and is tilted towards my neighbor's driveway. It must come down.
Yesterday, in the bit of time between rain showers, I cut a few branches off the tree. They were not small. I used my parent's pole saw to reach up and catch a branch, the pole saw wiggling its way along. It isn't an easy thing using one of those. They are long and unwieldly and I have a huge blister to show for it.
Down came the branches, one by one, into a pile at the base of the tree. Immediately sunlight cast itself upon the garden and I knew I had made the right choice of branches. The only problem now is that the tree appears to be leaning more. I know it isn't, but the lack of a few branches on one side make it appear as though the slightest breeze will topple it. I am sad.
This tree has shaded our home long before we were here. It has rocked many baby birds to sleep in its branches, been a playground for dozens of squirrels and cooled us in the summer. I will miss this tree.
When my brother comes to visit the tree will come down. In its place will be planted fruit trees, four of them. Two apple and two pear that will grow and provide us with sustenance. Blueberry bushes will be planted along the edge of the property and, if I can convince my husband, a fig or two. I love figs.
The tree will serve another purpose, becoming firewood to warm my parent's home in the winter. It is a worthy end for something that has served us so well through the years.
Goodbye, faithful Tree.

PS- I am still in need of two more Pay It Forward players. Isn't there someone who wants to join in on the fun?


Amy Ellen said...

Okay I'm game I love to things for others. Please sign me up. I almost did when you first posted it, but though I am not sure, but hey I have a year to do it not that I would have the patience to wait that long, LOL.

Betty said...

What a nice tribute to a tree. I think the new fruit trees and berry bushes will be great replacements...and they'll provide shade, as well.

Utah Grammie said...

We had to cut 2 small trees from our yard a couple of years ago and I understand when you say you're sad. It is our shelter, our shade and our friend. But it sounds like you have great plans for it and for the new ones. Take pictures and save those as a rememberie!

Quiltgrany said...

I will sign up for PIF if you still need anyone else. I think I could manage to get something done within a year. :o)


madrekarin said...

Thank you, Deb!! That would be great! I will e-mail you with some info. All you need to do is post about PIF on your blog. Simple!! Yay! Wait until you see what I am making my PIF players. :)