Friday, April 24, 2009

Mrs. Smith, In the Garden, With the Hoe.

Mission accomplished- one garden put in. Seedlings planted, seeds tucked under a warm dirt blanket and straw mulch surrounding each plantling. :)

Tender tomatoes tip toward the sunlight.

Perky potatoes poke through for a peek.

Zippy zucchini , um...... zig zag through the straw.

And this? Why it's the pumpkin bed, of course!! Actually there are pie pumpkins on one side and tiny white cucumbers on the other. The idea is to have the plants grow through the springs, shading the roots and keeping them cool. Underneath, the tiny seedlings are planted directly in bags of soil, with holes poked through for drainage. I really hope it works because I think it looks adorable!! There are green beans, dry beans and corn as well, making this a full-service garden!
Did I do this all by myself? Why, no. I had the help of Mr. Smith and John and I am very grateful. It took hours of digging, planting and mulching on this 80+ degree day! But, we are done.
Now all there is to do is water, weed and wait.


whimseycreations said...

Oh I LOVE the box springs. I can just see Jack's face if I put a set in the front yard LOLOLOL My beans have poked thru and I swear have grown three inches in the past two days! Yea! Let us know how the box springs work. Hugs!

CathyJean said...

lookin' good, Mrs. Smith! Do keep us up to date on your pumpkin pie bed :) Neat idea!!

Betty said...

Hey, those springs are absolutely inspired! Wish I'd known about that when we were gardening...would have made it so much nicer!

Good luck with all your plants; you will have wonderful meals with them in the future!

Utah Grammie said...

Love the springs - must share this with my little-farmer-neighbor next door - adorable and soo smart!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I truly do love what you did with the old boxsprings. How clever is that? And an idea I would love to try. The deer eat everything we plant so this year all veggies and herbs are going in boxes on the high deck and a few flowers up close to the deck.