Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And Where Was My Camera?

Today I met two of my cousins. Well, first cousins, twice removed. That terminology always confuses me. To me they are just cousins. Much easier to deal with. This is our common great-great grandfather:

Here is a family photo. My great grandmother is seated on the far left.
I wonder why, for the vast majority, families looked so dour back then. There aren't to many happy, smiling pictures out there.

But not this girl. She has a beautiful smile and today I met her daughter.

Here she is on her wedding day. Her daughter looks just like her.

And this handsome fellow? I met his son today.

I think he would have been very happy.

And now for the big question- where was my camera, that I am never without? Having its battery charged. I am so sad. No pictures to mark this day for the next generations. Only a memory of their faces. Luckily, one of them lives here in Georgia, about an hour and a half away. We have vowed that we will get together again and link our families together in this generation.
I love meeting relatives I did not know I had. It gives me a great sense of connection to them, who remember my grandparents and aunts and uncles and can fill in blank places when things seem to hit a brick wall.
My dad was thrilled to see these cousins again. He has been on pins and needles for days waiting for them to come. A few hours visit just does not seem like much, but for him it was perfect- to have them in his home, reliving memories and catching up, sharing photos and phone numbers. Next time, my camera will be fully charged and ready to go. I've learned my lesson.


monix said...

What fabulous photographs. I hope you have written all you know about the people in them so that your great grandchildren will know about their ancestors. And I'm sure you'll have your camera ready the next time you meet up, to record the next chapter in your family's history.

I am working on my family history and I wish I had asked my parents and grandparents more about their past when I had the chance. I inherited boxes and albums of family pictures but there are no names or commentaries on them and that is very frustrating.

Betty said...

What fun...relatives you didn't know about? The pictures are so well-preserved and you even know who they are..haha. Thanks for sharing.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

These old photos tug at our heart strings. We are connected for sure with our lovely ancestors. It does really make you want to get to know them.