Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Wonder.......

...if Winter's last gasp was the snowfall we had last Sunday, or if we are due for just one more taste from him. It certainly seems as though Spring is here, with balmy breezes blowing over us this weekend, temperatures in the seventies.
I have noticed many signs while out and about- buds nodding their heads to the sun, daffodils in bloom looking like teacups and saucers lining a shelf, crocuses dotting lawns like Easter eggs. Even the dandelions, the brave ones, have popped out and polka dot the grass. Yes, it certainly does look like Spring. And that is what gets me every time.

Every year I get lulled into a false sense of security, thinking that it is okay to set out a few plants, sew some seeds in pots and placing them in the dining room window and every time I find that I have jumped in just a tad too early. Well, not this year. I am holding out and it is killing me! I want to dig, plant, prune, plot and I can't. Not yet, anyway. I will wait until Easter has passed, when every old-time farmer I know says it is safe to begin. The only think I can plant now is potatoes and they haven't been shipped yet. When will this madness end?

I wonder.


whimseycreations said...

LOL you and me both. I did get my gardens ready this weekend and planted six cauliflower plants (they like cold weather) and two chamomile plants (don't know if they do but they are pretty LOL). Brought my Meyer lemon trees out onto the front porch and figure I can cover them up if it gets real cold again. And my four eggplant and two cucumber seedlings are also out on the porch. Today I'm putting up the supports for the cucumbers, melons, and pole beans and then I'll be all set. Whaaaaaaaaa I wanna plant NOW!

Betty said...

"Dig, plant, prune, plot"...too funny. I'm getting a mental picture here of you 'plotting'..haha.

In Boise, they say don't plant until the snow is off Bogus Basin (ski area); but, if you waited, it would be darn near JULY before you planted. We ignored that and had some beautiful gardens there.

No gardening here...too hot to handle!

windycorner said...

It is so hard to wait when you get a new garden catalog in the mail everyday with gorgeous pictures. We can usually plant in Feb. but I waited til this past weekend. Home Depot was a mad house yesterday so I guess lots of people had the same idea.

Utah Grammie said...

We are beautiful here but I feel the winds of change coming! Literally. The wind is bringing another winter blast - hopefully the last one. I want spring!

Amy Ellen said...

I am so ready for spring as well. Of course it is worse this year as not only am I going through a seasonal winter, but one of those parts of life as well. So I can hardly wait until the warm temperatures and flowers are here.