Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Almost On Its Way.

A few slips of thread through the back binding and this little table topper will be on its way to Clairesky26. It has taken much longer than I had anticipated, what with a visit from my sisters, taking one of them back home, taking my Dad to his dr. appointments at the VA because Mom injured her foot, looking for a job for John, blah, blah, blah. It is amazing how much life interferes with what we want to do. ;)
So,thanks for being patient, Julie! I hope that you like it. I really loved making it for you.


monix said...

What super colours. Are those more flying geese?

madrekarin said...

They are indeed!! I love making them. They are easy-peasy and so cute. Have you tried them yet?

monix said...

I am trying to master pinwheels for my current project, Karin. Flying geese will be my next challenge.

windycorner said...

So pretty! What a lucky girl! Is this all hand work? I love your cjoice of colors.
In catching up, I read about your daughter's visit....sounds really nice. It's fun to have shopping buddies who share your passions.

Utah Grammie said...

That's beautiful!

Betty said...

I'm back from Little Rock and just caught up on your posts. I think the table topper turned out beautifully! Your work is of such high quality, I always enjoy seeing what you do.

I laughed about you playing Oceanopoly with favorite game to play is Dogopoly...breeds instead of deeds and you go to the shelter instead of jail...too much fun!