Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can You See This?

I know this is a terrible picture. Nathan took it with his cell phone at the Victoria and Albert exhibit at the High Museum of Art. They rather frown on taking pictures of certain things in the museum , so he had to be sneaky. Although, this was actually a photo of a photo in itself. But, I digress.

This is a sketch of a small symbol of some sort by Leonardo da Vinci. Yes, that Leonardo. In the exhibit is a small leather-bound notebook filled with sketches and writings by him. His handwriting. It is fragile and beautiful. I wanted to take the book out from its case and gently turn the pages and breathe in the thoughts that were printed there. But, I could not.
The museum, rather nicely, copied some of the pages and displayed them along three walls in the room. This little square was amongst them.
So, why is it here on my blog? Well, I have been busy drafting a pattern based on this little drawing. A pattern for what, Karin? A quilt. A small quilt with this design that will be called Leonardo's Square Dance. Picture it in vivid colors and a bit more, um, lively.
Oh, and you know there will be something coming that was inspired by the Terracotta Army exhibit.
Have I intrigued you yet?


Betty said...

Oh, yes, I AM intrigued! What a lovely idea and such a perfect name for your quilt! I think Leonardo was so amazing, not just for his time, but for all time. Thanks for sharing and please let us see your quilt when it's done.

monix said...

Leonardo inspired many things, so why not a quilt? The idea is very intriguing.

Ruth said...

Wow! Karin~
What a great idea to make a quilt pattern from this. So smart.