Thursday, December 4, 2008


Do you remember the little elves my sister made? Well, these are my version of them. They are extremely labor intensive and these three will be the only ones I make. Holy-moley, do they take a long time.
The first two are not quite finished. They are still in need of hair, hats, and in the case of the first one, some decorations on the skirt.
This one is for my daughter. She has been the cat girl since she was very little. Her skirt is made from pinked coffee filters that look like porcelain when coated in diamond glaze.

This little elf is for my oldest son. He plays the guitar and the bass, so I thought he needed one in his hands. Pretty cool, huh?

And here is my other son's elf. He is holding candy cane rope, ready to decorate the house. (Which is what JA loves to do -help Mom decorate for Christmas.) I love his acorn hat and fuzzy wool hair. hee hee. He is so darn cute.

When all is said and one, these three elves will be ornaments to hang on the tree. I rather like the fact that I have made them for my children instead of rushing off to Hallmark to buy an ornament for them. These are much more personal and very full of love.
Oh, and I must tell you, I have the best sister in the world. She let me steal her idea. :)


The Feathered Nest said...

OMY!!!! Karin!!! These little elves are PRECIOUS!!! I love their sweet, whimsical look ~ excellent job sweetie! I'm sure that your children will treasure them always ~ xxoo, Dawn

Utah Grammie said...

How on earth did you create these? They are amazing! Sooo cute - make me want you to SELL them TO Hallmark!

Just wonderful!

Fete et Fleur said...

Love them! They are amazing. You did a fantastic job.


Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

So cute but no talent my grandkids Hallmark. Love the little Elf with the guitar. Grandson number 1 started taking lessons back in the summer and is doing well. Found a Hallmark guitar that plays Feliz Navidad

Betty said...

Your elves are adorable! The fact that they are so personal for your little ones...that's just so sweet!

windycorner said...

These are really darling, Karin. Love the tiny pointed ears. The old saw is true: handmade gifts are more special than store bought ones.