Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Zombie and the Vampire.

That is who came to my house last night to trick-or-treat. Only two children dared venture out into the night to collect a few morsels from the candy bowl.
They were quite surprised to receive a large handful of candy each from me. Being as they were the only costumed cuties to arrive on my porch, I felt they deserved a generous portion.
"Dig in, kids. No, really- take more."
I have noticed over the past few years that far less children are dressing up and walking their neighborhoods for Halloween. More and more, their parents take them to their church for a "trunk-or-treat" or to a local mall or even grocery store. Our Kroger had a lovley event planned for families, with a cake walk, face painting, cookie decorating as well as candy giving last night.
I remember when my children were small, I would spend weeks on end creating costumes for them. Halloween was eagerly anticipated and my children loved going to door after door, ringing the bell and trying to be as cute as they could be in order to get, perhaps, one extra piece of chocolate.
My oldest son's first Halloween came when he was three months old. I dressed him in his little blue pyjamas and tied on a little mouse hat I had made from his dad's sweatshirt. A small string of the sweatshirt made the perfect tail and he looked adorable. Everyone who came to the door of our apartment was much more interested in him than in candy, for about a minute. Then they were ready for a treat.
Successive Halloween's found my children dressed as; a clown, an aquarium, an acorn, a rabbit, the White Rabbit, a mummy, a mad scientist, Belle, the Red Queen, a scarecrow, a duck, a pirate,
the girl from Titanic, and quite a few more. The costumes are long gone, some given away and some lost when we had a fire a few years ago. But we still have pictures and our memories are strong and clear.
I miss having my door bell rung, hearing the excitement in the voices as they try and guess what will be given out this year and the rapid retreat of small feet down my porch as they hurridly move to the next house.
My decorations stay in boxes under the house now. Not because I don't want to decorate, but more because, for me, the magic is gone.
Would the person(s) who stole Halloween please give it back? There is a zombie and a vampire who would like to experience it still.


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet friend, you should come to our house next Halloween then...we still have tons of trick or treaters, so much like the old days. I remember in our neighborhood growing up Halloween was just as big a Christmas!! Hope you are doing good Karin, please come to see me soon!!!! xxoo, Dawn

Utah Grammie said...

It's like that here as well. We did have a few more this year - some new kids moved in a few blocks away. But, still, that's the part I like - I've never been too mcuh into Halloween- yet I enjoy seeing all the kids- I guess it's because I don't take mine around anymore, so I enjoy being the "old folks who give out good candy" for a change!
have a good first week of November, my friend :-)

wildaltarose said...

This year my hubby was home for Haloween....the first one in years as he work overseas......he decorated the house....and we sat outside and waited......only about 60 children came......but the comments were fantastic and he loved it. So glad that he was able to bask in their appretiation.

Fete et Fleur said...

I'm so sorry! I think you should take Dawn up on her offer. I think every city has their hot spots. I would go there and enjoy.


Sandi said...

Love your blog! I agree with you! The only ones that come to our house now are kids that my children grew up with and they are now grown up and married and bringing their children. We love to see these seven children every year, but how I long for the good ole days when it was just a fun thing to do! Blessings!

Amy Ellen said...

I can totally agree with you there. We moved to a very small town and there were only a few houses lit up. I had a very disappointed group of 4 skeletons, a pumpkin, a wanderer, and my dog the princess, LOL. I think there were 7 houses on the 13 blocks we walked them. I might have driven into the town we used to live if I had known this. SIGH.......

Aunt Jenny said...

It was very quiet here too. There is a big city sponsored Trunk or Treat on Main street and EVERYONE goes there. My husband took my youngest three down there and older daughter and I were home to greet trick or treaters..we had 4 small groups...2 groups were relatives and 1 group was my best friend and her kids...the others were neighbors. No shortage of kids around..and lots of decorating..but not alot of house to house any more. Our elementary school does it up well..a fantastic parade down main street with all the school kids in costume...but I agree..I miss how it was when my oldst kids were little.

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

So very true kids waited for Halloween like Christmas and we let them go in the neighborhood while we stayed at home and gave out candy. The went as a group and ranged in age for 10 to 4. WE never worried about thier safety or the candy they got.They would come home with pillow cases full and we would throw the leftover out after Thanksgiving.....