Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Heart Is Full

Thank you all for your sweet words about Bentley. It is comforting to know that I am not alone in my grief for a pet. I am still finding swirls of his hair under furniture and in the corners. I am little by little sweeping them away. The missing him, however, stays.
Having a three year-old here the past few days has certainly eased the mood in my house. She is the cutest darn thing ever. I asked her yesterday morning if she had had a good sleep. "Oh, yes, I did." was her reply. How can you not love a kid like that?!
Gayle, Bruce and the cutie-pie went to Stone Mountain last night, to enjoy a bit of Christmas, Georgia style. It was a drizzly night but that did not spoil the excitement for them. I asked said cutie what her favorite thing was. "Buying the tickets!" I can absolutely see why. It is through the little gate of the ticket house that you see the magical sight that awaits you. I can only imagine the anticipation she was feeling. Christmas through the eyes of a three year-old is the only way to fly.
We will be going later in Dec., when Nathan comes home from California. It would not be the same without him.
Today is craft day here at the S house. It is rainy and a bit chilly- the perfect combination for creating things of a Ho-Ho-Ho nature. You have to see the adorable elves my sister has made. I will post a few pictures on my blog later so that you can do just that. I am doing my best to convince her to start an Esty shop. If I am successful, I will post the link.
I'm the big sister, so I am sure I will be able to twist her arm. ;)
Have a happy weekend, dear friends!


Betty said...

I have become quite a fan of Etsy; so, I'll look forward to any new artists. And your little one saying, "Oh, yes, I did."...I can just hear her in Shirley Temple's little voice...too cute!

the old schoolhouse said...

Hi just stopped by to let you know how very sad i am to hear about your lovely dog Bently ,I am a dog lover and know how you feel best wishes Angie the old schoolhouse.