Sunday, November 23, 2008


My daughter called us today, just as we walked in the door from church. She has been in Hilton Head with friends, celebrating birthdays. A girl's getaway weekend.
With a tremor in her voice, she told us that someone had slashed her tires at some point during the night. All four of them.
My mom mode kicked into high gear as I listened to her relay the details of what had happened when she discovered them. Thankfully, a sheriff's officer was driving by and they waved him down to report the crime. He jokingly said to my daughter, "Gee. You must have really made someone mad." She responded that she did not know how as she was not from there and had not spoken to anyone other than her friends. All they did was go to the beach and walk, then went to dinner. And someone decided that her car needed to be damaged.
The car had to be towed to the local WalMart and she needed to have money wired to her as soon as possible so she could pay for the new tires. $300 worth of new tires.
I am in disbelief that someone would randomly come and stab some one's tires. What possessed them to do such a thing? Did they think of what would happen when it was discovered? Did they think of the consequence of their action? How it propelled us into a frenzy of trying to scrape together the money on a Sunday and have it wired to her? Did they think it was funny? Or cool?
It isn't.
How does someone damage another's property with such blatant disregard? Had the same thing happened to them, I wonder how they would have felt. Shocked, violated, angry, hurt? That is how my daughter felt. And now, she is waiting to have new tires put on her car at the WalMart. I am grateful that she was not there when the tires were damaged. I am grateful to the sheriff's officer who came to her aid. I am grateful to the woman at the WalMart service center for taking such good care of her.
I cannot wait for her to come home, so I can give her a big hug. And tell her the she cannot go anywhere again.

On a happier note, we have three darling kittens (thank goodness no more), all with cinder kisses upon their heads. They are sweet and adorable and Baby Jude is being a very good big brother. These new babies will make my daughter very happy and will, I hope, take away the sourness of this weekend.
I think I'm going to go take a peek at them myself.


The Feathered Nest said...

oh my goodness Karin! I know that it all must have scared her and you all both terribly!! What is WRONG with people?? They have issues apparently... I pray for her safe return home and am so sorry for all of this for you and her as well. xxoo, Dawn

Utah Grammie said...

I'm so sorry that happened. I don't think these people evert think about concequences. And if it happened to them? Oh, they'd probably be out for blood. Thank GOD she was no where near. And, I guess If I were a better person, I'd feel dsorry for the creep who did this - but I'm not that forgiving. I do beleive what goes around comes around - Karma and all..
Hugs and sweet thoughts for all of you..