Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brainiac's Daughter.

I helped my sister, Gayle, create her Etsy shop today. Please stop by and visit and let her know what you think.
I just love her whimsical little elves. They are so cute and make me smile.

This is The Big Guy, otherwise know as S. Claus.

This mischievous little elf is ready to pelt someone with snowballs.
Or at least stand by as you throw them!

So, pop on over to Brainiac's Daughter. Go. Now! Quick!

Oh, Brainiac is our dad.


Betty said...

I went over and saw the wonderful little elves on Etsy...oh, they are just precious!

Utah Grammie said...

So much talent in one family? Hardly fair you know...yes, as Betty said...precious!

Amy Ellen said...

Oh my gosh those are sooo cute!

The City Farmgirl said...