Monday, November 10, 2008

The Abyss.

There is a place in my home that collects things. Things that, when they are brought to this place, disappear. Are you wondering where this place is? It bedroom. I know, I know.
Apparently, I have a problem. A huge one. It has been a part of me for as long as I can remember.
It started out innocently enough. Friends called to say they were coming over for a visit and I flew through the house like a witch on a broom collecting things that did not belong out and about. Opening the door to my bedroom, I shoved these things into any available space I could find. Some of them have never been seen again. That's how bad I am!
My husband does not say a word, which only compounds my guilt at using our bedroom like a garage. I cannot even tell you the last time that it was neatly decorated and a place where I want to be instead of plowing through crap to get to the bed. I believe the word is never.
Today I began the process (yes, it is definitely a looong process) of cleaning out and organizing in the abyss. Oh, dear. Clouds of dust erupted from every flat surface. Items that once lay on tables and chairs in the rest of the house gathered dog hair and dust bunnies on the floor around them. As you can see, I am being graphically honest here. "Keepin' it real!" as the Pioneer Woman would say. I am hanging my head in shame.
It isn't that I want my bedroom to be the garbage dump of my house, it just happened to turn out that way. I look longingly at photographs of bedrooms in magazines and drool over crisply made beds, candles illuminating the walls, dreamy curtains blowing in the breeze and an afghan tossed casually (and stylishly) over the end of the bed. My afghan lies in a heap on the floor.
I think I have lost focus. I also think I have too much stuff. Really. I am working on that.
Here is where I need your help- What are the things that you do to make your bedroom a haven? I am so in need of one.


monix said...

Just dump everything in someone else's bedroom!

I laughed when I read this post, I have the same mad rush around before guests arrive and yes, it all goes in my bedroom too.

JellyQ said...

well, when you finish yours, come and help me. Since Bill gave you the grand tour I have no shame left but mine too is at a breaking point. I am gearing up to make the Goodwill very happy and the trash man groan!

Carol said...

And I thought that I was the only one to do this! As I was leaving this morning the sun was peaking through the (streaky) window on the beautiful black dresser and all I could see was the dust and wonder how in the world it had gotten that bad. Note to self: do not open window first thing in the morning. Ignorance is bliss!

Aunt Jenny said...

My bedroom is the exact same way...and it is humiliating!! I really need to get a handle on it too.

windycorner said...

You definitely are not alone. The only difference is, there's a place in my bedroom that's out of plain sight, so that's where all the clutter gathers. It's where the Christmas presents I've bought hide and some other stuff that I really need to get rid of but can't part with yet.
I do make our bed right after I shower because that seems to make the room look put together no matter what else is happening in there. My husband and I have our own hampers in the closet and there's a "No clothes on the floor" policy.
Maybe you could find an antique screen to put in the corner and make that your emergency dumping ground. Just be sure and clean it out every first Monday.

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

I took all the pictures off my dresser and chest of drawers..there were lots.....I down sized the bedside tables so they would not hold all the junk that came from the rest of the house....I added flowers (walmart..I love Walmart's flower collection) and candles....I put in 2 small lamps on the smaller tables and put in little -energy efficients is now a peaceful place instead of a place of chaos.....

Utah Grammie said...

It's a hard thing - and we that either don;'t have access to a garage (our is now his "shop") or an attic - have to stuff stuff..It would be totally easy if I could part with some of it - but it seems to mean to much to me - which in itself is probably a sign of some deep-down problem! But I do wish for calm, serene, simple spaces..I have them for about a week - then start filling them up again! It's not a shopping disorder- really - just photos, frames, gifts given, books, magazines, craft supplies, etc, etc. etc.-So I hear ya sister!

BTW- you did a amazing job in the "Afters"!!