Friday, October 17, 2008

Sunday, Sweet Sunday.

Oh, darn. I loaded these backwards from the order of the day. Oh, well.
Rolling out of bed at 8:00 AM after a blissful night under the stars, I hopped in the shower for a quick wash-up and then partook of a yummy brekfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and the apple crisp I had brought for the weekend. (I popped it in the oven so that it was lovely and warm , perfect for eating on the back porch in the cool of the morning.)
Now, in no particular order, comes what we accomplished on Sunday. My crow doll made from scraps of an old quilt, an antique spool and a crow head made from Sculpey clay by our instructor, Jo Gummere, who had made a kit for everyone in attendance.

Jo Gummere, from North Carolina, who created the incredible dolls that we made. Sweet and gracious, she led us well, allowing each of us guidance when needed and encouragement
as we put together the bits of fabric and clay into something spectacular.
(She also makes some mean bacon!! )

Some of the girlfrenz gathered in Frannie's cozy kitchen.

Digesting good conversation and an even better breakfast!

Cindy Rowe instructed the girls on making a darling primitive pumpkin tree. She handmade each pumpkin in the kits!! DayLa and I did not get to take this class because we were taking down the tent and packing up the car, clearing time for the afternoon.

This is Cindy in the center, painting and chatting with Betty Jo and Kathy.

Pat, the only Aussie in the group, beaming proudly with her pumpkin tree. Pat was a devil with her camera, snapping photos at every turn. She even took a picture of the menu board at Lee's chicken place because it had Livers and Gizzards on the menu!! She lives in Maryland now and I and so glad to have been able to get to know her.

DayLa, (as she is now known) my sister, feverously working on her felted pumpkin while the girls finish up their pumpkin trees. Hers turned out much better than mine. Probably because she took so much time with it. Mine looks a bit wonky, as though it grew on its side.

After breakfast, we set up for a Trunk Show. Such a great idea!! We all brought things from home to sell (or barter) and when all was said and done, I made enough to cover my shopping trip to Glover's Station. But then, I spent enough to offset that again because there were so many cute things!!

Here are some of the wares that were offered:

There was something for everyone!
After we finished the doll class, DayLa and I packed up the rest of our belongings and began the sad task of saying goodbye. Hugs were given, tears flowed and lots of "See you again next year!", rang through the air. We missed the Pumpkin Bowling, which was okay, but we also missed the Gratitude Circle.
At some point during the weekend, we were to find a rock which would become our Gratitude Rock. Sunday night all ofthe girlfrenz gathered together and stated what they were grateful for and placed their rock next to another to form a heart. I'm sad we were not there for that. My heart was full of gratitude for those women for welcoming my sister and me with open arms. For being generous with their friendship, laughter and talents.
There is a phenomonon that occurs when women get together, an energy flow that brings out the very best in each of us. It's as though a thread forms, like spider silk, and connects us heart to heart. It opens the places in us that are waiting to be filled and pours into us until overflowing. I will ever be grateful to Frannie for giving us the opportunity to come together as strangers and to leave as sisters. Will I go again? Absolutely, without question, yes. If I could go tomorrow, I would.
As we were driving away, I lamented to my sister that I wanted to go back, right then, so that I did not have to leave that feeling behind. She knew exactly what I meant.


Anonymous said...

Hey Karin,
It looks like a wonderful trip. I wished I had went with you all.
Maybe next time.
Love the pictures.
Have a great weekend.

Charmingdesigns said...

Just found your is sooo wonderful!! I love a good class! Laurie

Aunt Jenny said...

Sounds like just the most wonderful trip!!! If only I lived in the south so I could go to the next one...sigh.
I am so glad you took pictures and decribed it so well..almost felt like I was there...and the wares you all had to offer were wonderful too!!
I love the music on your blog Karin!!

whimseycreations said...

Aw Karin, you described the soul of a gathering so well with that energy flow comment. SOOOOOOOOO true! And you made me miss my friend Frannie so much - I haven't seen her in such a long time. I'm so glad you and your sister were able to go and had such a great time. Hugs! Jill