Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spice, Spice, Baby.

I have been craving spice cake since last week. I'm not particularly sure why, as it rarely is eaten in my house. But after a miserable attempt at making my own-Oh, dreaded heavy hand! How couldst thou have added such an excess of cinnamon?- I went to the grocery store and bought a mix. Problem solved.

Perched on a tiny plate, from a tea set I was given when I was 5, this perfect little bite was definitely not safe in my presence. Swathed in homemade (hey, I had to make something myself) cream cheese icing I could not even wait to take a picture of it in full dress. Hence, the assaulted view.
Mmmmm, it was as if Autumn itself was in my mouth. The flavors of the spices burst on my tongue like a leaf-fall and the icing, silky and smooth, wrapped around them like a cozy blanket. It was so good, I ate another one.
I now feel ill.


Utah Grammie said...

Oh, spice is nice ...and wrap ME in that cozy blanket!! ah...of FRSOTING!

Aunt Jenny said...

I had been craving cake today too...and I am a real pie lover/cake turner downer usually. But I made a banana pineapple nut snack cake kind of cake...and it is gone now. Everyone else was also in the mood for cake I guess.

Charlene said...

I too love spice cake. Yum! Your cupcake looked good. You have inspired me to make some & YES it will be from a mix...

I love your chickens! I want some that lay Easter Egg colored eggs. I seen them & love them. I am friends with Dawn & found you through her. Hope to visit again soon. And yes, it is sad that Halloween has changed so much. Have another cupcake.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Yummy spice cake! I love also the crafted items you have on the two newer posts...great!