Saturday, October 25, 2008

Soldier Boy.

We're home. It was a wonderful trip to Missouri. The hotel was lovely, the staff very friendly, the area beautiful and the best part was seeing this boy right here:

Brothers and best friends.

Looking out over Lake of the Ozarks.
Isn't he handsome in his uniform?
I have a movie of his platoon as they graduated, but I have yet to figure out how to get it in here. I'll keep trying because it is worth watching.
Thank you for all of your well-wishes for Nathan. I relayed all of them and he was very grateful. He is now in California, waiting for his AIT to begin in November. His orders came through and he will be learning Farsi. I knew I needed to buy that English-Farsi dictionary at the PX!
I did not take a lot of pictures while we were with him. I think it is because I was just so happy to see him and talk to him.
We were able to leave the base and spend the day with our soldier. We decided to drive, letting the road take us where it may. We ended up in Dixon, a very small town. Since tummies were rumbling, we stopped in at Linda's Family Restaurant for lunch. It was like stepping back in time, with 1980's prom pictures decorating the walls. Nathan and the hubs had bacon cheeseburgers and fries and JA and I had fried chicken with mashed potatoes. Real mashed potatoes. You can't beat small places that have been around for ages for home-cooking and Linda's was no different. Yummy food, friendly people and they all thanked my son.
We then drove to Lake of the Ozarks and took in the incredible views. A quick stop at a little antique mall and we drove back near the base for dinner. Nine hours never went by so fast.
We took Nathan back to the base, hugged him again and said our goodbye's.
He will have a two-week leave in December. Christmas cannot get here soon enough!!


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh sweet Karin, I'm so glad you got to see your son!!!! I know that your heart is full and you needed that visit as much as he did ~ sounds like a wonderful visit! hugs and love, xxoo, Dawn

Nan said...

Oh, Karin, I do know that as proud of him as you are, there is also worry. I pray he will be fine wherever he goes. I loved the pic of the "boys."

Utah Grammie said...

He does look very handsome ..and BRAVE..and we owe him (and you) a debt of gratitude. I'll pray that Christmas comes soon and that you'll make many, many sweet memories together.