Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Please Allow Me to Take You Along...

.....On our little jaunt this weekend. My sister drove up from Bradenton, FL on Thursday. The two of us headed into my kitchen to bake our treats for the girls that would be at Frannie's house. Dayna made Colleen's yummy angel food-pineapple cake into cupcakes and I made apple crisp, just tossing in what suited my fancy at the moment, with apples of course.
After a good night's sleep, we packed up the car and began our weekend early Friday morning. Conversation filled the spaces that our belongings did not and we mused upon what the weekend would bring. You could fairly feel the electricity that was generated by our excitement. This was going to be no ordinary weekend for sure.
One of our favorite places to stop for a meal is the Cracker Barrel and, conveniently, there is one located every 18 miles along the highway. We beelined for the CB in Kimball, Tennessee. We had to, Kimball is our maiden name and how do you not stop in a place named for your (possibly distant) ancestors?
After filling our tummies, and purchasing a few things from the store we continued our journey, crossing over the state line to Kentucky, and decided that we would find a cave tour for our next adventure. Dayna and I chose Lost River Cave as our destination.
Lost River Cave is a beautiful spot in Bowling Green. Just a few miles off Interstate 65, it is a step into tranquility. After purchasing our tickets, we walked to the gathering area to wait for the tour to start.
The tour begins with a walk along the visible portion of the river. The first location we stopped at was the Blue Hole. It wasn't blue on Friday because there had been rainfall a few days before, but it is sometimes the color of blue jeans according to our tour guide.

The Blue Hole
According to legend, there was an encampment of Union soldiers here during the Civil War. While they were camped, a few of the soldiers decided to go swimming in the Blue Hole. One of the men dove into the water, and never came up. Fearing for their friend, two more soldiers dove in to save him, only to follow the same fate. The remainder of the men ran to camp to tell their commanding officer what had happened. The three men were never found. They had been caught up in the pull of the current that was created by an underground opening to a rushing river that swept them out to the Barrens River and their deaths. What a sad story.
Years went by, and new discoveries were made about the cave at Lost River, one of which was the fact that it was "air-conditioned." The temperature difference is quite noticeable in the summer, with the underground cave being a lovely 57 degrees. A night club was created in the opening and from the 1930's to the early 1960's, it was the place to see and be seen.

This is the night club today. It is now used for weddings and proms.
Walking past the night club, down a few stone steps, you enter the cave. From this point on, it is a boat tour. Cold and dark, it was thrilling and scary all at the same time. Tours have only been given since the mid-1990's. Up until then the Friends of Lost River spent ten years hauling out trash and debris by hand. Eighty tons of it, including cars, washers and dryers, refrigerators and other unusual items. Gasoline had leaked into the water and had to be removed and the whole area thoroughly tested by the EPA before anyone would be allowed inside.
Looking back into the cave from the night club, my camera caught water droplets sprinkling over the river. Invisible to the naked eye, we asked the tour guide what they were. "Humidity." was his reply. He also told us that there were people who would be very excited to see the "orbs" I had captured with my lens, because of what they could possibly be. Later that day I thought of a good comeback. The orbs must be the spirits of the dead appliances that were found in the cave.

We had a lovely time in Bowling Green, seeing a part of this wonderful country of ours that we had not yet experienced.

Tomorrow, I will take you to Mt. Sherman and Frannie's place. You are going to love it!


Nancy Jo said...

Hi Karen,
I will be tuning in tomorrow for some more travel stories.

Fete et Fleur said...

I can't wait for the other pics. What an interesting place. I didn't see anyhting in the orbs though. :~)


Fete et Fleur said...

I meant anything!

jeannie said...

You tell it so good! I can't wait to read more. Wow, you are a good storyteller! And the photos are great.....kep them coming!

Amy Ellen said...

Oh these pictures are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us!!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Wow, Karin! What a fun day that must have been and thanks for all the history! Great pictures. I LOVE the orbs! Lots of appliance spirits for sure!


Anonymous said...

What a fun side-trip! You ARE a captivating storyteller. Can't wait to hear more about your weekend! Did you hug Frannie for me?

Anonymous said...

That was me...Rebekah...a/k/a annoymous.